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Computer Studies Paper 2


a) Below is one side of a receipt. On an A4 wide paper, design it and fit four copies on the A4 paper and save your work as Receipt. (46mrks)

b) Include a page header with your name and index No (2 mrks)

c) Print the document (2 mrks)

50 marks


Below is a cash statement for the first half of the year for kaloka safaris tours & Travel 2011.

Enter the data into a worksheet as shown. Save your work in a CD as Kaloka safaris

b. Calculate the following; (4 mks)

i) Total Expenses and sales for each quarter

ii) Profit/loss

iii) Calculate total sales and Expenses for Quater1- Quater4

iv) Add a row below total expenses and label it ‘Highest Expenditure”

use a formula to obtain this figure

c. Format the heading ‘KALOKA SAFARIS TOURS &TRAVEL’’ (5 mks)

Alignment: Merge and centre

Font style: Bold &Underline

Font Size: 16

Font Type: Arial. Name the worksheet kaloka 1.
d. Insert a new worksheet and name it kaloka2.

Copy the contents of Kaloka 1 to
Kaloka2. (2marks)

e. Kaloka Managing Director wanted to know what her income from sales would be.

Using Kaloka2 worksheet add a row below Net income and label it comment.

Generate using
formula a comment showing "Loss" if the sales are negative and "profit" if the sales are negative.

Align the months to 45' (degrees) (7 marks)
f. (i) By using kaloka2, 10% of the profit is to be set a side for development please add

arrow to calculate the same. Sort the expenses by Name from Ascending to Descending,

then sort by January expenses (4 marks)
(ii) Insert a column chart and use it to compare total sales and total expenses, ensure

that it is on its own page. (6 marks)
g. Using kaloka 2 add arrow below “profit” add to calculate the sum of all values in
quarter 1 whose expenses are above 5000 (4mrks)

h. Print Kaloka 1 Kaloka 2 and Kaloka chart (3marks)

50 marks

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