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Geography Paper 2

SECTION A (25 Marks)

Answer all questions in this section

a) What is meant by domestic tourism. (2mks)

b) State three factors that hinder domestic tourism in Kenya (3mks)

5 marks


a) i) What is air pollution. (1mk)

ii) List two air pollutants (2mks)

b) State two problems arising from air pollution (2mks)

5 marks


a) State any three obstacles that led to the construction of the St. Lawrence sea way (3mks)

b) In what three ways has the economies of U.S.A and Canada benefited from the sea way (3mks)

6 marks


a) Give two anthropogenic factors that favour dairy farming in the Kenya highlands (2mks)

b) State three ways in which the government assists dairy farmers in Kenya (3mks)

5 marks


Give four factors that favour floriculture near Naivasha in Nakuru county

4 marks

SECTION B (75 Marks)

Answer question 6 and any other two questions from this section

Study the statistical diagram below on the value of Kenya’s foreign trade 1999-2006 (millions ksh) use it to answer question (a and b)

.a) i) Identify the statistical diagram used (1mk)

ii) Name two other suitable statistical diagrams that can be used to represent Kenya’s foreign trade value (2mks)

iii) State two advantages of using the diagram in a (i) above (2mks)

b) i) Describe the trend of Kenya’s foreign trade in the year 1999-2006 (4mks)

ii) Account for the adverse balance of trade in Kenya (6mks)

C. Explain measures that can be taken by Kenya to improve her balance of trade (6mks)

d) Give four significance of trade to Kenya (4mks)

25 marks


a) i) What is fishing. (2mks)

ii) A part from the north west pacific fishing ground list two other major fishing ground in the world (2mks)

b) i) Name two fresh water fish species caught in the North-west pacific fishing ground (2mks)

ii) Explain four factors favouring fishing in the North-west pacific fishing ground (8mks)

c) Explain three contributions of fishing to the economy of Kenya (6mks)

d) Suggest possible solutions to problems facing fishing in Kenya (5mks

25 marks


a) i) Distinguish between oil palm and palm oil (2mks)

ii) Give three uses of oil palm (3mks)

b) State five physical requirements for oil palm cultivation in Nigeria (5mks)

c) Describe how oil palm is processed from harvesting to marketing (7mks)

d) Explain four significance of oil palm to the economy of Nigeria (8mks)

25 marks


a) i) Draw a well labeled diagram to illustrate the occurrence of petroleum in rocks (4mks)

ii) Describe how petroleum is formed (3mks)

b) i) Outline the stages involved in the processing of petroleum (4mks)

ii) Name two leading petroleum producing countries in the middle East (2mks)

C) Explain three contributions of petroleum mining to the economies of middle East countries (6mks)

d) State three problems arising from the petroleum industry in the middle East (6mks)

25 marks


a) i) Differentiate between “industrial conurbation” and “industrial inertia” (2mks)

ii) Name two examples of industrial conurbation (2mks)

b) i) Apart from markets give three other factors that influence location of industries (3mks)

ii) Giving examples state three reasons why some industries are market oriented (6mks)

C) i) Name two car manufacturing zones in Japan (2mks)

ii) Explain factors that favoured the growth of electronics industry in Japan (4mks)

d) Explain three problems arising from the car and electronics industries in Japan (6mks)

25 marks

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