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Christian Religious Education Paper 2


a) Outline prophet Jeremiah’s prophecy about the Messiah. (8mks)

b) Give five revelations about Jesus by Simon and Anna during the dedication of Jesus in the temple in Luke 2:21-40 (5mks)

c) Explain how the Church strengthens family relationships today. (7mks)

20 marks


a) Narrate the healing of a man with an evil spirit at Capernaum in Luke 4:31-37 (8mks)
b) Outline five teachings drawn from the healing of centurion’s servant (Luke 7:1 -10) 5mrks
c. State seven conditions which Jesus set for His followers. (7mks)

20 marks


a) Explain the importance of the transfiguration of Jesus to his disciples. (8mks)

b) Outline seven teachings of Jesus on escatology. (7mks)

c) Give reasons why the resurrection of Jesus is important to Christians. (5mks)

20 marks


a) Explain what the teachings of Saint Paul about the body of Christ in 1corinthians 12:14-26 reveals about the unity of believers. (8mks)

b) Identify s even teachings of Saint Paul about the gift of love in 1cor 13 (7mks)

c) State ways in which the celebration of the Lord’s Supper was misused at Corinth. (5mks)

20 marks


a) Identify ways in which drug abuse could affect a Christian family. (5mks)

b) Explain four ways in which parents show responsible parenthood in Kenya today. (8mks)

c) Give seven moral values that can be inculcated in marriage in the modern society. (7mks)

20 marks


a) Outline the steps the church is taking to reduce lawlessness in Kenya today. (5mks)

b) Explain four ways in which rapid population growth has negatively affected the environment. (8mks)

c) Identify seven ways in which Christians help to conserve and protect the

20 marks

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