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Geography Paper 2

SECTION A (25 Marks)

Answer ALL questions in this section

a) What is a ‘Hinterland’? (2mks)

b) State any three solutions being undertaken to solve the problem of traffic congestion in the city of Nairobi.

2 marks


a) State two advantages of solar energy. (2mks)

b) Give two disadvantages of biomass as a source of energy. (2mks)

c) Name one area where geothermal power is produced in Kenya. (1mk)

5 marks


a) Differentiate between horticulture and market gardening. (2mks)

b) Mention three factors that have favoured horticulture industry in Kenya.

5 marks


a) State two reasons for imposing of quotas in regional trade.

b) Identify three importances of foreign trade to Kenya.

5 marks


a) State three ways in which minerals occur. (3mks)

b) Name any two methods of underground mining.

5 marks

SECTION B (50 Marks)

Answer question (6) compulsory and any other two questions.

The table below shows the population for three divisions of Mumias Sub- County.

a) i) Using a scale of 1cm to represent 25,000 people, construct a compound line graph. Use the graph paper provided. (7mks) ii) Draw any two conclusion from the line graph you have constructed. (2mks) b) What is meant by over- population. (1mk)

c) Give three ways in which Kenya’s population differ from that of Sweden. (6mks)

d) List four factors that influence population distribution in Kenya. (4mks)

e) i) Apart from urban- rural migration, list three other types of migration. (3mks)

ii) Give two causes of urban-rural migration in Kenya. (2mks)

18 marks


a) i) Define land Rehabilitation. (2mks)

ii) State four benefits of land Rehabilitation in Kenya. (4mks)

b) i) Explain four factors that led to the successful establishment of Pekerra irrigation scheme. (8mks)

ii) Explain three problems facing Perkerra irrigation scheme. (6mks)

c) State five advantages of irrigation farming to the economy of Kenya. (5mks)

25 marks


a) i) Define the term wildlife. (2mks)

ii) Give three reasons why game reserves and game parks are mostly located in marginal areas. (3mks)

b) i) Explain three problems that hinder wildlife conservation in Kenya. (6mks)

ii) Give five measures the Kenya government has taken in wildlife conservation (5mks)

c) i) State five reasons why some regions in Kenya have low developed tourism. (4mks)

ii) Give five measures the Kenya Government is putting in place to develop tourism.

20 marks


a) i) List three types of fish communities. (3mks)

ii) Give four methods used in commercial fishing. (4mks)

b) Give four differences between fishing in Kenya and fishing in Japan. (4mks)

c) State four reasons why fresh water fishing is more popular in East Africa than marine fishing. (4mks)

d) State five causes of fish depletion in East Africa. (6mks)

e) State four measures taken to conserve and manage fishery resources. (4mks)

25 marks


. a) State five physical factors that favour coffee growing in Kenya highland

b) Explain three main causes of decline in coffee production in Kenya.

c) Explain four steps the government of Kenya has taken to increase coffee yield.

d) Compare and contrast coffee growing in Kenya and Brazil.

25 marks

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