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Islamic Religious Education Paper 2


A Define the terms and state an example on each. (4 marks)

i. Maanifaat ii. Munkaraat B In which ways can a Muslim keep trust? (5 marks)

C How can a Muslim take good care of the environment? (5 marks)

D Explain the Quranic teachings on Allah’s forgiveness. (6 marks)

20 marks


A Identify six forms of irresponsible sexual behaviours. (6marks)

B State the causes of drug abuse in the society today. (6 marks)

C Outline the effects of H.I.V and AIDS. (8 marks)

20 marks


A List the prohibited types of marriages in Islam. (8 marks)

B Explain the reasons that invalidate divorce. (6 marks)

C State the significance of dowry in Islam. (6 marks)

20 marks


A Name the legitimate sources of earnings. (4 marks)

B Identify the Islamic teachings on loans and debts. (6 marks)

C What is the significance of Wasiyah? (4 marks)

20 marks


A Describe the social conditions of pre-Islamic Arabia. (6 marks

B Outline the achievements of the Prophet. (6 marks)

C Discuss the factors that facilitated the spread of Islam in Kenya. (8 marks)

20 marks


A State the contributions of Sheikh Abdullah Swaleh Farsy in East Africa. (10 marks)

B Outline the biography of Sheikh Al-Amin Mazrui. (10 marks)

20 marks

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