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Geography Paper 2

SECTION A (25 Marks)

(Answer all questions)

a) A part from oil, name other two mineral fuels.

b) State any three disadvantages of over dependence on oil as a source of energy.

5 marks


a) Differentiate between wholesale and retail trade.

b) State any three objectives of the Southern African Development Community (SADC)

5 marks


a) What is agro-forestry?

b) State any three advantages of softwood forests in Kenya.

5 marks


a) State any three physical factors that favour sugar cane growing in the Lake region of Kenya.

b) Name any two uses of sugar cane.

5 marks


State any five benefits of the recently completed Thika super Highway. (5mks)

5 marks

SECTION B (75 Marks)

Answer question 6 and any other two questions from this section.

a) The table below shows the number of deaths caused by HIV/AIDS in a certain developing country.

i) Using the above data draw a simple divided rectangle measuring 10cm long and showing the number of deaths caused by HIV/AID in the country.

ii) State two advantages of using divided rectangles to present the data.


i) Give two documents from where information on population data is obtained.

ii) State four causes of high birth rates in Kenya.

c) Compare and contrast population trends between Kenya and Sweden.

25 marks



i) A part from L.Victoria, name any four inland fisheries in Kenya.

ii) State reasons why inland fishing is more popular than marine fishing in East Africa.

b) State any four problems that fishermen face on Lake Victoria.
c) Use the map of the world provided to answer the following questions.

i) Identify the fishing grounds marked A,B,C and D.

ii) Explain any four factors that have led to the development of the fishing industry in Japan.

25 marks



i) Differentiate between primary and secondary industries.

ii) Give two reasons why some industries are located near raw materials.


i) Name a town in Kenya where each of the following industries is located.

- Motor vehicle assembly

- Oil refining

- Paper manufacture

ii) State any five characteristics of the cottage industries in India.

c) Explain any four factors that have led to the growth of the Ruhr industrial Region of Germany.

d) State ways in which Kenya has benefited from establishing manufacturing industries.

25 marks



i) Define the term ‘’Invisible trade’’.

ii) Explain any four factors that influence international trade.

b) Explain four ways in which Kenya will benefit by being a member of the East African co-operation.

c) Why is there a big negative balance of trade between Kenya and Europe?

25 marks

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