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2016 KCSE MOKASA Joint Examination

Computer Studies Paper 2


a. MOKASA joint exam organizers have contacted you to help them analyze their results
during April holidays. Create a new workbook and name it as MO_KA_SA EXAM

i. Enter the following data in sheet 1 (10 Marks)
ii. Rename the sheet 1 as SA_CHO (1 Mark)
iii. Copy the contents of sheet 1 to sheet 2 and rename it as KA_BA_RA_K (1 Mark)
b. Use formulars that references the cells to calculate
i. Totals (2 Marks)
ii. Average (3d.p) (3 Marks)
c. Insert a title JOINT EXAM and format it as indicated below:
• Font type viner hand ict
• Font size 16.
• Left align the title.
• The other subtitles should be rotated 660
, bolded and italised. (5 Marks)

d. Use the IF function to award remarks to the students as follows: (3 Marks)

55 – 64

e. Insert a column showing positions and award positions to students basing the scores on
means (3 Marks)
f. On the last rows enter formulas to count the total number of students from each class
(2 Marks)
g. Sort the students list by class position in descending order. (2 Marks)
h. Copy the entire worksheet onto worksheet 2 and rename it ‘MOI_GIRLS’.(2 Marks)
i. Filter MOI_GIRLS worksheet to show student (s) from ‘RED’ class and whose mean
score is less than 50 (4 Marks)
j. Insert a bar graph to display the three RATS and Names (1 Mark)
• Title as JOINT EXAM and label the X-axis as marks and Y-axis as Names
(3 Marks)
• Place the legend at the bottom of the graph. (1 Mark)
• Save the chart on a new sheet and name it GRAPHICAL ANALYSIS
(1 Mark)
k. Re-arrange your worksheets tabs so that GRAPHICAL_ ANALYSIS comes first then
SA_CHO, MOI_GIRLS and finally KA_BA_RA_K. (2 Marks)
l. Create a worksheet based on MOI_GIRLS and use show all the formulas used in your
calculations and name it FORMULARS (2 Marks)
(4 Marks)

50 marks


The figure below is a sample design of an advertisement for Maisha Bora Company. Use a
desktop publishing package to design the advertisement as follows.
a. Create a new publication named advert with the following page layout
• Paper size: A4,
• Orientation: landscape
• Margins: 5 cm all round
• Set the footer of your publication to display your name on the left edge of the
page and index number on the right edge of the page
b. Enter text and images as they appear in the sample design.

c. Save your publication as Maisha Bora
d. print your publication

50 marks

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