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2015 KCSE Tharaka South Joint Examination

English Paper 1


Follow the instructions below.

Imagine you are the Principal of Bahati Secondary School. Mr David Kamau, an alumini of the school has recently been recruited as a clerk in Coca- Cola Kenya Ltd and the management has requested you to give them a letter of recommendation.

20 marks

2.CLOZE TEST (10 Marks)

Read the passage below and fill the blanks with the most appropriate word.

When you hear a gunshot you (1) _______ actually thank God; a bullet (2) _______ faster than the speed of sound (3) ________ chances are you would not hear a kill shot. In the middle (4) _______ untold danger the gravest enemy is not the (5) _______, but the panic that naturally grips us. Overcoming this hysteria is (6) ______ first battle. At the ring of a gunshot, lie flat on the ground and then (7) _______ listen to ascertain the (8) ______ of the shots. Looking around or even (9) ________ running and screaming makes you an easy (10) ________. Lie low as you quickly find a cover position behind a bullet – resistant surface.

20 marks

3. ORAL SKILLS (30 Marks)

Answer the questions that follow.

Read the poem below and answer the questions that follow.
Horizons by Kalungi Kabuye
As I meditate
And levitate
In human state
No one can see
How the internal sea
Wells up with hope
But lets hope
Life so dear
With love so near
And closeness so close
Will bring home
The thing that we hope
Means to transform
Even the simplest digit
Into a magnified seed
Of a mustard tree
i) Which words would you stress in line (i) of the poem and why? (2 marks)
ii) How has rhythm been achieved in this poem? (4 marks)
iii) What tone of voice would be appropriate in recitation of this poem? (2 marks)
iv) How would you say the last line of this poem? (1 mark)

20 marks


Provide a word which sounds the same as each of the following:
i) Face
ii) Though
iii) Dam
iv) Prophet

4 marks


Read the following telephone conservation and answer the questions that follow:
RECEPTIONIST: Good morning, this is Chase Construction Company. What can I do for you?
CALLER: What is your name and who are you in that company?
RECEPTIONIST: I am Agnes and I am the receptionist. May I ……..
CALLER: If so, you may not be of any help. I want to speak to the boss.
RECEPTIONIST: Excuse me, who specifically do you want to speak to yet you have not told me your name?
CALLER: They call me DJ Karos or Man P, the king of……
RECEPTIONIST: Sorry for interruption DJ, you have not given the name of the officer you want to speak to.
CALLER: Oh! It is the man who issues works.
RECEPTIONIST: I do not understand you.
CALLER: Come on! Do not tell me you do not know the human officer.
RECEPTIONIST: Do you mind holding on as I put you through to the Human Resource Officer?
CALLER: You guys advertised works in the papers which I realized I can manage but…….
OFFICER: Sorry sir, have you applied for the job?
CALLER: How did you expect me to know that? Am I an angel?
OFFICER: Sorry for inconvenience.
CALLER: You are not sorry; give me this work right away.
i) Identify ways in which telephone etiquette has been flouted in this conservation. (6 marks)
ii) How has the receptionist demonstrated effective conversational skills? (4 marks)

3 marks

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