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2015 KCSE Meru South Form 4 Joint Examination

English Paper 1



You are the secretary of a committee that is planning for a fundraiser for the construction of science laboratory.
During the meeting two members are absent and nobody knows where they are. The meeting is also attended by the class teacher and a parent’s representative. The following issues are discussed in the meeting. Guest of honour , ways of raising funds and the students participation.
Write the minutes of the meeting.

20 marks

2.CLOZE TEST (10 Marks)


Find each of the blanks spaces below with the most appropriate word.
In the past couple of months ,Kenya has(1)______________to deal with a swarm of security(2)_________.The
knee jerk reaction of the political class as well as citizens and netizens has been to play(3)____________games.
And while we are quick to apportion blame, we adopt the speed(4)___________a sloth to offer solutions.
We have become (5)____________the mediaval kingdoms(6)_________________solutions was to put someone’s
head on a platter(8)_____________it is unlikely that many people will remain with their heads intact because as a
country we face myriad challenges and may will be with (9)________for years to come.
But for now, let us keep our focus on the issue of national security(10)_____________problems in this sector are structural, not individual.

20 marks

3.ORAL SKILLS (30 Marks)


Read the song below and then answer the questions that follow.
One hand cannot manage work
A threshing stick cannot thresh millet with one hand
Some hands breed hatred at eating time
Nobody hates being assisted
Let the millet be threshed.
Let it be threshed, let it be threshed.
Cut a threshing stick for me
A lazy wife
Is taken back to her parents
When the rain fails
It blames the wind
And lazy woman
Blames the threshing stick
Cut a threshing stick for me…ii
My co-wife cut me a threshing stick
You woman, owner of the occasion
Remember that work is the stomach
Take care not to starve us
The threshing sticks are resounding
Let the millet leave the threshing grounds.
(i) Identify and illustrate any two sound patterns in the above song. (4 marks)
(ii) How would you say lines 17-19 in the above song. (2 marks)

20 marks


You are performing a solo verse during the country music festival .What could you do to sustain maximum attention of your audience?

4 marks


Underline the silent sounds in the following words.
(i) Plumb
(ii) Rendezvous
(iv) Mortgage
(v) Aisle

5 marks


The chairperson of the Uwezo Fund in your sub-county has invited you to his office in connection to a loan application you had made for your local youth group. As the secretary give convincing reasons why you deserve the loan.

6 marks


Write two sentences using each of the given words given words to bring out the difference in meaning.
(i) Convict
(ii) Refuse

4 marks


Rewrite the following passage changing all gender specific nouns to neutral ones.
Yesterday I took a taxi to the interview venue. On reaching the gate, I found a watchman who directed me to the room where the panel was sitting .I found several young men and women waiting to go in. A beautiful lady came and called me. In the interview room, I found the chairman and other members of the panel seated. They were all friendly except one man who kept asking me very difficult questions.

4 marks

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