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2015 KCSE Machakos County Trial

English Paper 1


Follow the instructions below.

“You have read the novel “The River and the Source” and really enjoyed and are now ready to tackle it in K.C.S.E. You overheard some of your friends in form three complaining that it should not been included as one of the texts to be done in K.C.S.E

Write a book review encouraging them to read since it will be examined in their year.

20 marks

2. CLOZE TEST (10 Marks)

Read the passage below and fill the blanks with the most appropriate word.

A new research title “Underage Drinking in Kenya” has (1) _______________ that nearly one third of form four students aged below 18 years take alcohol (2) _________________. As our society ponders this sad (3) __________________, the urgent message to children who are taking alcohol

(4) ______________, do not drink another sip. Advice to those children is to strongly say “no.”

(5) _________________ irresponsible behavior to alcoholism, there are many (6) _____________ effects of alcohol. It is wrong and illegal for children to drink alcohol.

The report also states that 46 percent of the children receive (7) ________________ first pint from friends and (8) _________________ .Do you offer alcohol to child? As a parent or guardian, do you nurture (9) _______________ ? How much time do you spend with them? Notably, (10) __________ of guidance and supervision are stimuli to underage drinking.

10 marks

3. ORAL SKILLS. (30 Marks)

Answer the questions that follow.

Read the following poem and answer the questions that follow.

Ah, Are you digging on my grave?

“Ah, are you digging on my grave,

My loved one?- planting rue?”

“No ; yesterday ‘he went to wed ‘

One of the brightest wealth has bred.

‘It cannot hurt her now,” he said,

“ That I should not be true.

“Then who is digging on my grave?

My nearest dearest kin?”

“Ah, no: they sit and think, ‘what us!

What good will planting flowers produce?

No tendance of her mound can loose

Her spirit from Deaths gin;”


(a) (i) Supposing you were to perform this poem to your class how would you prepare? (3marks)

(ii) How would you say line two stanza 1 and why? (2marks)

(iii) Identify an instance of alliteration in stanza 1 (1mark)

(iv) Describe the rhyme scheme of stanza 2 (2marks)

b) For each of the following words, provide another word with similar pronunciation (4marks)

(i) gate

(ii) bread

(iii) you

(iv) rest

c) You recently attended an interview which you failed. Mention some of the reasons that could have contributed to your failure. (4 marks)

d) Mr. Mutiso recently brokered a deal for your school with a contractor which other teachers given the responsibility before had failed to negotiate. What skills could have given Mr. Mutiso an upper hand over teachers in negotiating the deal. (5marks)

e) Study the following genre and answer the questions that follow.

Hurry hurry has no blessing

(i) Identify the genre (1mark)

(ii) Identify and name two parts of the above genre (2marks)

(iii) Identify and illustrate any two aspects of style employed in the above genre (4marks)

f) For each of the following words, construct two sentences to convey two different meaning as indicated (4marks)

(i) early (as an adverb and as an adjective)

(ii) Surprise (as a noun and as a verb)

30 marks

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