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2015 KCSE Bomet County Joint Examinations

Geography Paper 2

SECTION A (25 Marks)

Answer ALL the questions in this section

(a)State three characteristics of Nomadic pastoralism (3marks)
(b) Give two ways in which the Government of Kenya have assisted Nomadic pastoralist

5 marks


(a)Distinguish between Forestry and Agro forestry (2marks)
(b)Identify three characteristics of Agro forestry (3marks)

5 marks


(a)Apart from drought, identify any two other types of natural hazards in Kenya. (2marks)
(b) State three problems associated with drought. (3marks)

5 marks


(a)Differentiate between renewable and non-renewable source of energy. (2marks)
(b)Give three disadvantages of HYDRO Electric power (HEP) as a source of energy. (3marks)

3 marks


(a) Give two reason why primary industries are located close to raw materials. (2marks)
(b)State three characteristics of cottage industries in India. (3marks)

5 marks

SECTION B (75 Marks)

Answer question 6 and any other TWO questions in this section.

The table below shows the value of export crops from Kenya between 2007 and 2010 in million Kenya
shillings. Use it to answer the question that follows.


(i) What is the total value of exports for horticulture during this period? (2marks)
(ii) Calculate the percentage decrease of maize between 2009-2010. (2marks)
Using scale of 1cm to represent Ksh.100million, draw a compound bar graph to represent th e information in the table. (8marks)
(i) Other than Ghana identify three countries producing cocoa in Africa. (3marks)
(ii)Name two ports through which cocoa is exported from Ghana. (2marks)
Explain four problems facing cocoa growing in Ghana. (8marks)

25 marks



(i)Differentiate between land reclamation and land rehabilitation. (2marks)
(ii)State four physical requirements for irrigation farming in Kenya. (4marks)
(b) Explain four problems that face irrigation farming in Kenya. (8marks)

(i)Name two projects in Netherlands, which were aimed at reclaiming land from the sea. (2marks)
(ii)State three land use of polder land in Netherlands. (3marks)
(d) Describe the steps followed in reclaiming land for Agricultural use in the Netherlands. (6marks)

25 marks



(i)State three physical condition that may discourage the setting up of Game Reserves and National Parks. (3marks)
(ii)Name two reserves in Kenya (2marks)

(i)Differentiate between Domestic tourism and international tourism. (2marks)
(ii) Explain four factors that hinder the development of domestic tourism in Kenya. (8marks)
(iii) State four problems Experienced by the Kenya government in its efforts to conserve wildlife. (4marks)
(c) Explain three reasons why Switzerland receive more tourists than Kenya. (6marks)

25 marks



(i) state two types of settlements. (2marks)
(ii) Give four reasons which may lead to the development of nucleated settlement pattern. (4marks)
(b)(i) Explain three economic factors that influence the distribution of urban centers in East Africa.
(ii)Explain three factors that have led to Nairobi city. (6marks)
(c) List four functions of New York city. (4marks)
( d) State three common social problems facing cities of New York and Nairobi. (3marks)

19 marks



(i)state three modes of transport (3marks)
(ii) Give five reasons why river transportation in Africa is undeveloped. (5marks)
(b) Explain three problems that are encountered when transporting goods along the Trans African highways (6marks)
(c) The map below covers the Great lakes of North America and St Lawrence sea way. Use it to answer the questions that follows.

Fig1Name the following:
(i)The town marked R (1mark)
(i)The lake labeled A (1mark)
(iii)The waterfall labeled F . (1 mark)

(i) Identify three physical obstacles which the St Lawrence sea project set to overcome. (3marks)
(ii) State five benefits of the st Lawrence seaway and the Great Lakes to the economies of USA and
Canada. (5marks)

25 marks

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