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2015 KCSE Bomet County Joint Examinations

Computer Studies Paper 2

Answer all questions

(a). A hospital uses a database to maintain data about its employees. Create a database file named EMPLOYEE. (1mark)

(b). Create a table called EMPLOYEE1 with the following fields and hence enter data into it as shown in fig 1 below. NB: Choose an appropriate primary key. (14marks)


Fig 1.

Emp noNameDate of birthDepartmentGross pay
01John Kirui16/2/1972Computer28000
02Margaret Wairimu2/2/1960Medical30000
03Jane Cherono2/5/1970management15000
04Victor Oduor8/12/1981Accounts25000
05Harry Wanyama23/6/1983Medical30000
06Jacob Kiprono19/4/1973Management45000
07Ali Mohammed1/1/1969Medical30000
08Daniel Omondi3/5/1983Accounts25000
09Everlyne Kitune11/3/1971Medical20000
10Nancy Kerubo22/9/1980Medical20000


(i). Insert TWO new fields to hold the employee’s Profession and Deductions. (4marks)

(ii). Data for included fields is as follows;


Mohammed, Wanyama and Wairimu are Doctors. Oduor and Omondi are accountants. Kiprono is an Administartor, Kirui is a systems analyst and Cherono is a secretary.


Emp no Amount
07, 05, 02 8,000
04, 08 7,500
06 10,000
01 12,000
03 3,500
09, 10 4,000
Enter the above data into the respective fields. (6marks)
(iii). Sort the records in ascending order based on the name field and save as EMPLOYEE2 (3marks)


(i). From EMPLOYEE2, extract a list of employees who were born between 1960 and 1972 both years inclusive and are accountants, nurses or doctors. Write down on paper provided the query expression you used to extract the data. Save the extracted list as LIST1. (8marks)

(ii). Remove the date and occupation criteria on LIST1. Add a calculated field to calculate the Netpay of all employees as GrossPay – Deductions. Save as LIST2. (7marks)

(e). Generate a columnar report based on LIST2 with the following fields; Emp no, Name, Department and NetPay. Sum up the NetPay for all employees in the report. Save your report as REPORT. (8½marks)

(f). Print EMPLOYEE1, EMPLOYEE2, LIST1, LIST2 and REPORT. (2½ marks)

54 marks


(a) Use DTP software to design the following receipt and save it as Design1. (34 marks)


(i). Fit Four copies of the above design on a single page. (8marks)

(ii) Include a page footer with your name and index number and a page header with the words “Computer Designs” Save as Design2. (6marks)

(c) Print the Design1 and Design2. (2marks)

50 marks

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