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2015 KCSE Bomet County Joint Examinations

Biology Paper 1

Answer all questions

(a) What is metamorphosis? (1mark)
(b) What is the biological significance of metamorphosis to an insect? (2marks)

3 marks


a)The diagram below shows a certain plant.

Name the division in the kingdom Plantae to which the plant belongs. (1mark)

(b)State the functions of structure labelled K and L. (2marks)

3 marks


State three functions of an exoskeleton in members of the phylum Arthropoda.

3 marks


The diagrams below show embryos of certain vertebrates animals. Study them and answer the question that follows.

(a)Mention two observable structural features in these embryos that suggest that they have a common ancestral origin. (2marks)

(b)What phenomenon in organic evolution is exhibited by these diagrams of embryos? (1mark)

3 marks


What is meant by the terms?
(a) Hypogenous flower

b) Gamesepalous
(c) Dichagamy

3 marks


(a) Name two salts in bile that aid in emulsification of fats. (2marks)

(b) In what ways does sex of an individual determine their energy requirements? (1mark)

3 marks


What is the main difference between the phloem tissues of subdivisions Gymnospermaphyta and

1 marks


(a) State two ways in which the protection of the heart against mechanical injury is achieved during heartbeat. (2marks)
(b) State the cause of arteriosclerosis (2marks)

4 marks


(a) State two functions of aerenchyma tissue in hydrophytes. (2marks)

(b) State the difference between habitat and ecological niche. (2marks)

4 marks


Name two type of mutation represented below.

2 marks


Name the enzyme in the red blood cell that speeds up the conversion of carbonic acid to carbon (IV) oxide.

1 marks


State three ways in which the skin of a frog is adapted for gaseous exchange.

3 marks


What would be the effect of the following treatments on the nerve transmission?
(i) Inducing the axon with metabolic inhibitors. (1mark)

(ii) Removing myelin sheath from a nerve fibre. (1marks)

2 marks


(a) Under which of the following light microscope magnification would one see a larger part of the
specimen. (1mark)

(b) Give your reason (1mark)

2 marks


Give two reasons why blood leaving the lungs may not be fully oxygenated.

2 marks


The diagram below represents a simple endocrine feedback mechanism in human male.

(a)Name the hormone labelled X.(1marks)
(b)State two differences that may be observed between a normal male and one who is incapable of producing hormone labelled Y. (2marks)

3 marks


What is the importance of Retina in vision?

2 marks


State four differences between wind pollinated flower and insect pollinated flower.

4 marks


(a) Name the cartilage found between the bones of the vertebral column. (1mark)

(b) State the function of the cartilage named in (a) above. (1mark)

2 marks


State the functions of the following organelles
(a) Lysosomes (1mark)

(b)Golgi apparatus (2marks)

3 marks


The cells shown below were obtained from two different plant cells which were immersed in 2% and 25% salt solutions.

(a)Which of the two cells A and B was immersed in 2% salt solution? (1mark)

(b)Name the substance present in part marked X. (1mark)

(c)Comment on the nature of 25% salt solution in relation to the cell sap. (1mark)

(d)What biological phenomenon leads to the observation made in A. (1mark)

4 marks


Name two structures found in the cortex of the kidney.

2 marks


State the importance of osmoregulation in organisms.

2 marks


State the role of the following hormones in human body.
(i) Insulin
(ii) Anti diuretic hormone

2 marks


Explain how high humidity lowers the rate of transpiration.

2 marks


The diagram below shows the internal structure of a leaf

(i)Name the part labelled B. (1mark)

(ii)State the function of the part labelled C. (1mark)
(iii)State the difference between xerophytes and hydrophytic leaves. (2marks)

4 marks


(a) Suggest the significance of the following adaptations in bony fish.
(i) Flexible vertebral column (1mark)

(ii) Presence of swim bladder (1mark)

(b) State two features which reduce resistance in fish during swimming. (2marks)

4 marks


(a) Distinguish between breathing and respiration. (2marks)

(b) Explain the disadvantages of anaerobic respiration in plant rots. (2marks)

4 marks


State three protective functions of human eye.

3 marks

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