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English Paper 2


Read the passage below and then answer the questions that follow.

1. a) Optimism (3mrks)

-Renders availability of public transport.1a

-Value of property appreciates.1b

-General outlook of the area changes. 1c

-Business and farmers do better.1d (Any 3x1=3mks)

-There is hope, promise and potential for disappointment

-Permanence – relationships be approached with a view of staying put for better or for worse.

-Necessity – are necessary in spite of their challenges. (Any 1 pointx2=2mks)
c) Humans have not yet discovered any other source of companionship that is greater than that found in relationship. (2mrks)
d) should be permanent in order to enhance (3mrks)
- Providing and nurturing children to maturity.1a

-Providing companionship.1b

-Building wealth.1c (3x1=3mks)
e) Contemptuous attitude1

-his description of Kenyan roads shows his dislike1 or disappointment distaste.
Optimistic or hopeful1

-he seems to suggest that all is not lost despite the condition of our roads
(1mrk for ident. 1mrk for illus…………….2mrks)
f) -Cracks appear, and then craters develop.1a (5mrks)
-Vehicles appear are damaged1b
-Dust returns1c
-Accidents increase1d
-Permanent scars and loss of live. 1e
g) Everyone’s excitement is about the possibilities that the road presents (1mrk)
h) i) increase/upsurge/rise. (1mrk)
ii) support/subscribe to. (1mrk)

25 marks

2. EXCERPT (25 Marks)

Read the excerpt below and then answer the questions that follow

a) Waiyaki had been summoned by the Kiama1 to answer accusations of having betrayed the tribe 1 / they had wanted Waiyaki to respond to them.1

b) They had a frosty or a strained relationship; one full of hatred and suspicion “Waiyaki look at Kabonyi……….reveal hatred.”

c) During the parents meeting at Marioshoni, he opposes Waiyaki’s plan of building latrines for the school out of malice.

-Organizes/instigates the abduction of Nyambura to be used as evidence against Waiyaki.

-Forms the Kiama as a tool to challenge Waiyaki’s leadership and he even ensures that Waiyaki takes an oath which he later uses to argue that Waiyaki had betrayed the bribe.

-He uses Kamau, his son, to spy on waiyaki and uses the reports he receives from his son fight Waiyaki. (Any two points 2 x 2 = 4 mrks.)

d) He (Waiyaki) said/told them that if they had nothing else to tell him he would go(1mk)

e) –colonialism-mention of the presence of white men.

- Betrayal – “it forbids you to betray the tribe………..”1

- Tradition – Waiyaki is seen to have violated certain norms like relating with Nyambura; a Christian and uncircumcised - Love and friendship – Waiyaki is in a romantic love relationship with Nyambura. “if I love her, I love her…..” “it did not forbid me to love…….”

- Christianity – mention Christians Any two 2 x 2 = 4mrks
f) -Personification1 – “Kabonyi’s eyes spoke1…………………..”

– between Kabonyi 1and Waiyaki/ Waiyaki and the elders amongst the elders.
-narration 1

– the extract narrates 1the story of Nyambura’s rejection of Waiyaki and Kabonyi’s hatred as well as Kamau’s.
Rhetoric questions1;

``what had Nyambura got to do with them?1 What? could he not do whatever he wanted with his own life? Or was his life not his own?
(Any two points 2 x 2 = 4mrks)

g) That Waiyaki had touched the body of dying woman (Muthoni) and was never cleansed.1a
- That he had been seen in Joshua’s church severally.1b
- That he was in league with the white men.1c
- He had secret dealings with Joshua.1d
-He’s in a relationship with Nyambura; Joshua’s daughter and intends to marry her.1e
(Any (1 x 5) = 5mrks (1mrks for prose) (if not in note form, deduct 50% of the total mark)

h) i) Very annoyed/enraged/furious /angered/vexed/infuriated/1
ii) Failed/disappointed.1

25 marks

3.POEM (20 Marks)


a) i) Love song 1

– comments on social issues 1 like disappointment of a lover/cheated husband/man (2mrks)

ii) – cheated husband1 - a man/husband “my bride, “my wife” 1 (1mrk)

iii) – Repetition 1

– my/myself/I was1

- Direct translation 1 my heart was telling me this /so heart, you were deceiving me and I believed you.1

Apostrophe1-as if addressing the heart-so heart, you were deceiving me.1

-Has moral lesson1 – people are not trustworthy and never will be1 (Award two well illustrated features

1mark identification; 1mark illustration x 2 total = 4marks)
iv) –Livestock keeping1 “………meat” 1 -crop farming 1“…………banana flour”1

-unemployment/formal employment/paid work1-one has to struggle before acquiring a job.1

-payment of dowry1

– when one marries he has to pay dowry “I bought myself a beautiful wife1”

– dowry is seen as business (Any one point 1 x2 = 2mrks.)
v) –Dowry is seen as business/commercialization of dowry

-Payment of dowry – when one marries he has to pay dowry “I bought myself a beautiful wife.”
b) i) Meaning: if you do not use the knowledge that you have, you cannot expect to gain anything from it. (2marks)
ii) - it could be applied to a situation where one is not working hard/not using available resources for his benefit/not putting to good use whatever he has or is at their disposal.
-A student who is lazy/not working hard/not doing well in his or her studies.
- A person who is not using available opportunities to advance/excel/better their lives.
c) -To advice a person to work hard
-To encourage one to improve
-To rebuke laziness/slothfulness/apathy.
d) - The image of the garden1 to represent knowledge. 1
-One has to work hard in the garden1 to reap/harvest from it.1
-Similarly, knowledge has to be put into use for one to gain from it.
e) -They value knowledge/hard work.
-They rate or abhor laziness.

20 marks

4. GRAMMAR (15 Marks)


a) i) Mutu says, “I am unwell.” “I am unwell,” says Mutu.

ii) Little did the principal suspect that the man would con him.

iii) Might Jessica have gone to school?

b) i) Defended/supported.

ii) Betrayed/disappointed.

iii) Solved/handled/cleared.
c) i) is.

ii) some/a little.

iii) broadcast/aired.

d) i) humility

ii) allegation

iii) lain
e) i) tall.

ii) nose/noses.

iii) scores.

NB: for question (d) and (e) all items must begin with small case/letters.

15 marks

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