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English Paper 1


Congragulation note and Invitation

a) Format- 2mks

Language – 2 marks

Content -6 marks

- It must be a note. If not -2AD

- Must have date / address

- Should state clearly what the receipt has achieved i.e. graduated with first class Honours

- Must have salutation i.e. Dear aunt

- Should wish the aunt well i.e. good health, employment, scholarship etc

- Must be written in informal tone

- Must have writers name Max 6pts

b) Must be a note

- Must have date /address

- Must have salutation

- Should clearly state purpose of invitation i.e. attend prize giving day

- Should mention

– date


-Place /venue

- Must have senders name NB: Tone must be informal

20 marks

2. CLOZE TEST (10 Marks)

Read the passage below and fill in each blank space with an appropriate word.

1. OF 6. an

2.many /most 7. behind

3. not 8. their

4. detected 9. get

5. cross 10. Also

1 mk each -No mark for wrong spelling/ punctuation

10 marks

3. ORAL SKILLS (30 Marks)


a) Silent letters

i) Basically

ii) coup

iii) rue

iv) comb ½ mk each =2mks

½ mark each =5mks

c) Curtsy who ________________a girl /woman ½ mk

who ________________Greeting / receiving / Giving a gift to a senior person ( ½ mk

Bow who ____________man / woman / boy ½ mk

When ___________________ Greating /showing respect / Receiving / giving an award ( ½ mk


i) The narrator is likely to have used the following

- facial expressions

- Dramatization

- Tonal variation

- Mimicry

- Gestures

- Body movement Accept any 5 pts with appropriate illustrations from the narrative 1x5 5mks

ii) The sound technique is alliteration going to go sound /g/ is repeated (1mk)

iii) Crocodile is ashamed | embarrassed that he has been outwitted by monkey (2mks
ei) Before an interview

- Ensure you have arranged documents in the right order

- Switch off mobile phone

- Pray

- If anxious can breath in and out

Accept any 3 relevant points

ii) Avoid the following

- Answering / Responding to questions one does not understand

- Giving incorrect information

- Fidgeting in the chair

- Using informal language Any 2pts – 2 mks

f) i) Wound 1a The clock was wound several times

b) I have a wound on my knee minute

1a) This assignment will be done in a minute

b) There are minute organisms in the blood NOTE

- If word form is changed awarded O

- Award zero if one sentence is wrong / difference in meaning is un clear
g) The students: / audience -are bored /disinterested in topic - hungry - indisciplined Any 2pts 1mk each
The speaker

- Is inaudible

- Irrelevant

- Poor mastery of content

- Fails to establish rapport with audience

- Uses difficult language Any 2 relevant pts. Award 1 mark each

20 marks

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