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English Paper 2


Read the passage below and then answer the questions that follow.

There is wide spread erosion (2mks).
Man blames livestock for eating vegetation 1 and leaving the soil bare 1 thus increasing chances of soil erosion 1 (3mks).

-Surprisingly, instead of all the responsibility for all this destruction being accepted by man, livestock and in particular the goat is being blamed (by man)
-Land being cultivated to exhaustion.
-Cultivation of steeper slopes leading to erosion. -Animals are forced on to smaller areas of poorer land. -Further up the slopes, they have to compete with foresters.
1 point, 1 mark. Total (4marks).
Deduct ½ a mark for wrong format.
-It is ironical that the grazing areas have improved yet the goat has been banished so what is the use of the improvement? /the grazing area are /is supposed to benefit the goat yet the goat has been banished. (3marks).
-The writer is quite supportive. He is giving pieces of advice on how land can be conserved e.g reducing the number of livestock which will permit pasture renewal. (3mks)
Miserable – small amount /quantity.

-Wresting a precarious living – worsening the situation already worsened.

-Banishment - sent away from a place and prevented from entering. (3 marks)

20 marks

2. EXTRACT (25 Marks)

Read the passage below and then answer the questions that follow.

(a). Morten kill visits Dr- Stockmann and tries dissuade form making his report public by explaining to him the consequences.
- Later Aslaksen and Horvstad also come to Dr. Stockmanns house and to persuade him to let them partne in the purchasing of the shares in the Baths.
-Dr-Stockmann gets furious with Aslaksen and Horvstad and chases the out of his compound after realizing selfish motives.

(b). Sooty-nose is the house servant to the Dr. Stockmanns.

(c). The adjective in the comparative degree in; (mightier) (smaller).

(d). Earlier, Dr-Stockmann had made a decision that he and the family were going to move away but in this extract he has changed his mind and insists that they are going to stay and fight on.

(e). (i). Horster is revealed as being generous/kind/caring and dependable (offers his house to the Stockmann).

(ii). Dr. Stockmann revealed as;
-Resilient- he says at beginning of the extract: But now I am going to sharpen my pen till the can feel its point.
-Sturborn obstinate: he is determined to fight on.
-Greatful, thankful appreciative, he thanks Horster for offering the his house.

(f). It’s ironical that Mrs. Stockmann expects that her husband will have plenty of time to relax and spend time together with the family only to realize that actually what the Dr. implied is that he has time to fight against his foes.

(g). Exploitation-Those people in position of leadership exploit those under them.
The DR.. linkens Aslaksen and Horvstad (people of the press)to wolves who are preying on the vulnerable poor masses.

h. (i). The pen is looked at metaphorically as a weapon for fighting.
(ii). The is symbolically looked as a sign of hope for a better future.
(i). -Ridiculours –Silly/unreasonable.
-Mongrel-breed of dog.
i). No I’ll be hanged if we are going away, won’t I?
(ii). My ink port shall be hurled at their heads (by me).

25 marks

3. POEM (20 Marks)

Read the poem below and answer the questions that follow

a. The Persona is a trader / business person/grocer at the market:- let me first sell my tomatoes.

b. The poem is about the fascination/sophistication of the latest model of a car that is associated with the affluent /the rich:

-Ha! That Motaka is Motaka.
- That mother of twins!
-You see that Benz sitting at the rich’s end.

c. Stylistic devices:
Simile –It sails like a lyato/speeds like a swallow.
Metaphor – through the eyes of the car.
-that mother of twins

Repetition – Ah Motaka is Motaka. Ha! Hyperbole: - The glory of its inside has robbed them of words.

-Speeds like a swallow. Sarcasm: - ...was loaded with doctorate.....with whisky....the literate thighs of an undergraduate. Irony: it is ironical for the minister who was expected to be polished up with this education (doctorate) only to come back a drunkard and amorous. (Whisky....the literate thighs) Alliteration: Chasing ...children With whisky Rhyme: doctorate Undergraduate

d. Curious:- The glory of its inside has robbed them of words.
Observant:-They are able to notice the uniqueness of the vehicle at a glance.

e.(i). Ha! That Motaka is Motaka :- the car is fascinating/charming.
(ii). The glory of its inside has robbed them of words:- the sleekness of the vehicle has left them dumb founded.

(lll).But look at its behind, that mother of twins: The rear of the vehicle is enormous.

f. (i). Satirical tone: The minister has over indulged in luxuries/extremities –the sophisticated
Vehicle, whisky, literate thighs –which is contrary to the expectation of such kind of education and from such kind of ministry of fairness.

(ii). Spiteful attitude: He disapproves the excesses displayed by the minister for fairness on his Return from the University –whisky, literate thighs, a sophisticated vehicle. The economic activity of the people is farming Crop cultivation:- But let me first sell my tomatoes.

20 marks

4. GRAMMAR (15 Marks)


a (i). What a wonderful experience it was!
(ii). The matron asked why I /we/she/he/they had not come earlier.

b (i). He was in the process of crossing the road when I saw him.
( ii).I witnessed as he crossed the road, right from the beginning to the end.

c (i). When she met him he was wearing a black suit.
(ii).Unless you work hard you will not succeed/You will not succeed unless you work hard.

d (i).Guidance
(iii).decisive /indecisive

e (i). gave up
(ii).written off
(v). repair

15 marks

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