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English Paper 1



- A short email (Reply)

- A recipe
1)a Email
Sender address e.g. Magy@ (1mk)
Recipients address e.g. Micke @ (1mark)
Date ½ mark
Subject i.e Recipe of....................... (Whatever dish) (1 mark)
Solution – appropriate (½ mark)
Body – Greetings /Welfare/Something about the fish (3 marks)
Valediction + name of sender (1 mark)
E.g. Total – 8 marks
Body – Brief description of meal and its nutritional value.
b). Recipe
Title - ½ mark
Ingredients - ½ mark
Method - ½ mark
No. of people -½ mark
(Just their being there).


– at least four steps of preparing and serving the meal - (3 marks).
-Must state what it should be served with if not – (1/2 mark)
-Accept with /without serving instructions e.g. serve hot)
Language ability - 4 marks
A - 4 Very good
B - 3 Good
C -2 Fair
D 1 Weak
Total a+b =20
8+12 =20

20 marks

2. CLOZE TEST (10 Marks)

Fill in the blank spaces below with the most appropriate word

1. From

2. Are

3. Influenced

4. Absolute

5. But

6. There

7. Following

8. Perfected

9. Like

10. Because

10 marks

3. ORAL SKILLS (30 Marks)


(A) i. Alliteration – where would the intention get things.
Repetition – if death were not here
Identification - 1 mark.
Illustration - 1 mk
ii. Falling intonation and use of gestures.
iii. Audibility
Dramatic pause
Pace of presentation
Correct pronunciation of words.
Use of appropriate gestures
Use of appropriate facial expressions
Use of appropriate tonal variation.
Any 3 well illustrated.
iv. –Take in a deep breath.
- Be composed. - Establish eye contact.

B i). t -Listen, moisten, soften, often, buffet, satchet

ii) n –hymn, condemn, column, solemn, clamn
iii). l – palm, calm, balm, qualms
iv). b –debt, climb, dumb, comb, doubt
v). p - psychology, receipt, psyche

C).i). Tongue twister
ii). to acquire language (1mk) through pronunciation (1 mark)).
iii). Authenticity/local flavor.
Alliteration/repetitive nature of tongue twister.

D) i).Welcome to your favourite programme “musicians of the day”. We are honoured to have Mr. Mapesa with us today/ it is my pleasure to introduce Mr. Mapesa to you.

ii. Please give our viewers a brief history of your life before entering the music scene.

iii. Iam sorry about that Mr. Mapesa. But please tell us what led to you dropping out of

iv. I was inspired into the music industry by Kamane or any other plausible response.

v. Accept any relevant e.g I plan to start my own studio and open s fashion design line.

30 marks

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