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Computer Studies Paper 2


i. Availability of a database called club

–DBMS with three tables

– award 6 marks

ii. Availability of index property on student name

–award 2 marks. iii. Availability of lookup list for a. Form filed

–award 1 ½ marks. b. Class field

–award 1 ½ marks iv. One to many relationship. -3 marks

b. 3 input screens with all the command buttons @ 2mks each.

c. Availability of data in the tables as directed @ 2 marks each.

d. Query M with i. All fields specified – 2 marks.

ii. Amount field properly computed -3 marks.

iii. Members last name starting with M or J and first name starting with M 3 marks

e. Availability of report with the details –award 5 marks.

f. Tabular report from members query with all relevant details –award 4 marks

g. Availability of name, index number and page number format @ 1 mark each.

h. Availability of 4 printouts @ 1 mark each.

20 marks


a. Availability of publication as directed -23 marks

b. Setting page orientation and formats as directed -5 marks

c. Setting the directed formats in “all under one roof”

d. Setting the directed formats in “Motto: customer satisfaction” of phrase @ 1 mark each.

e. Rounded rectangle, double line, aerial black font @ 1 mark.

f. Setting the directed formats in “LOCATION” phrase @ 1 mark each.

g. Suitable picture – 1 mark

h. Inserting header, footer @ 1 mark each

45 marks

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