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Christian Religious Education Paper 2


Identify the expectations of the Jews about the Messiah in the Old Testament (6 marks)

-They expected a political military messiah who would drive out the Romans.

-Amessiah ho would lead his people into a time of great national power and prosperity/set up a powerful kingdom for the Israelites

-Would appear in Jerusalem full of glory. -Was to come after the reform of the Elijah i.e transformation.

-Would set the Israelites free from her enemies /liberate them from oppression.

-Was to perform miracles /wonders /mighty deeds.

-Would rule the world (an earthly king).

-Would be a descendant of David.

-Would not associate with the poor, sinners or g Gentiles.

-Would enforce Judaism / mosaic law /the Sabbath. Any 6 x 1 = 6 marks

b. Explain four reasons why John the Baptism was reformed to as second Elijah 8 maks.

-He lived in the wilderness like Elijah.

-Both John and Elijah proclaimed God’s message to the people.

-Like Elijah, John stood firmly for the covenant way of life.

-He was a great prophet like Elijah.

-He met opposition like Elijah.

-He suffered for the sake of God’s name like Elijah. 4 x 2 = 8 marks.

c. Outline six ways in which Christians play the role of John the Baptism today. 6 marks

-Christians condemn the evils in the society.

-Advise political leaders.

-Announce imminent divine judgement that awaits sinners.

-Call people to repentance through the power of the Holy Spirit.

- Baptise the converts who have repented.

-Preach about Christ as the promised Messiah of the world.

-Are role models give practical moral advice by sharing property.

-Set up theological colleges which train pastors, ministers and clergy to be equipped in preaching. They link others (non-believers to test as the saviour of the world.

20 marks


Reasons why Jesus showed compassion to the widow of Nain ( 8 marks)

i. Because the dead man was the widow’s only son.

ii. The crowd was helpless yet the widow was deeply grieved.

iii. The young man had died prematurely before fulfilling his purposes on earth.

iv. He came to show love to the needy who recognized him as God’s messenger

v. He came to bring hope to the hopeless.

vi. He was the resurrection. First (2 x 4 = 8 marks)
c. Five activities that characterize the ministry of Jesus in a Christian’s life today.

i. Christians preach about the kingdom of God as Jesus did.

ii. They suffer and face opposition during the spreading of the gospel as it was with Jesus.

iii. They welcome the poor and feed them.

iv. They pray for the sick for their healing.

v. Driving /casting out demons from the people to be set free.

vi. They fast. vii. They attend the service in churches in the Sabbath day.

viii. Celebrating the religious festivals.

ix. They practice the Holy Communion /Lords supper.

20 marks


The parable of the Tenants (Lk 20:9 -18) (7 marks)

i. A man planted a vineyard, rented it out to tenants and left home for a long time.

ii. He sent a slave to the tenants to receive from them the share of harvest at the harvesting time.

iii. The tenants beat the slave and sent him back without anything.

iv. He sent another slave but the tenants beat him also and sent him back with nothing.

v. He sent a third slave, the tenants hurt him too.

vi. The owner of the vineyard decided to sent his own dear son thinking they would respect him.

vii. The tenants saw him, seized him, threw him out of the vineyard and killed him.

viii. Jesus then asked the people what the owner of the vineyard would do if he would come.

ix. That the owner would turn the vineyard to other tenants.
Any 7 x 1 =7 marks 3b. How Jesus prepared His disciples for His coming death (8 marks)

i. He talked to them about His death.

ii. He allowed them to witness His transfiguration which pointed out His death.

iii. He allowed Himself to be anointed by a sinful woman to symbolize his later anointing.

iv. Jesus had a last meal with them. v. He told them of a betrayal among them was one who was going to betray him.

vi. He talked about His resurrection. vii. He told Peter he would deny Him when He would be arrested.

viii. He asked His disciples to pray with Him on Mt. Olive.

ix. He asked them to equip themselves for the future.

x. He prayed for them. Any 1 x 8 = 8 marks

c. Five ways in which Christians today gain favour with God. 5 marks

i. Obeying God’s commandments.

ii. Having faith in God and show it in action.

iii. Praying to God.

iv. Helping the needy.

v. Being humble because God hetes the proud.

vi. Repenting sins vii. Use their talents for the sake of God’s kingdom.

viii. Preach the gospel and reach out to many. ix. Be role model to others.

20 marks


Outline the fruits of the Holy Spirit. GEN 5:22 – 23





-Goodness /generosity.



-Self control. Any 5 x 1 = 5 marks.

b. Explain the New Testament teaching about the bride. Rev 21:1-12.

-The bride represents the church and the bridegroom is Christ.

-The church is supposed to be committed to Christ just as the bride is committed to his husband from love.

-The church should be spiritually united as one just as a groom and bride become one in marriage.

-The bride groom and bride relationship is based on faithfulness.

-John had a vision of the holy city of Jerusalem which is the church dressed like a bride ready for marriage.

- Paul urges Christian church to remain pure and holy through love and faith i.e the church which is united in Christ should be pure and holy. -Jesus will come to save His bride, i.e the church to a new home which in heaven as the bride is taken to a new home.
-Jesus the church bride will then live happily even after in the presence of God just like a bride to her bridegroom live in happiness after the wedding. -Those who are cowardly, unbelieving, murderours, sexually immoral, idolaters and all liars will not inherit God’s kingdom.

-Those who are not united for Christ will all suffer eternally. Any 4 x 2 = 8 marks. c. Explain the causes of disunity in the Church in Kenya today. 7 marks -Numerous splinter groups which have broken away from the mainstream churches /splinter groups.

-Leadership wrangles. -Doctrinal differences. -Use of baptism.

-Use of leadership roles for women in the church.

-The celebration of the Lord’s Supper is done differently in various churches.

-Freedom of worship. -Superiority complex. -Power or material gain.

-Misunderstanding of the use of spiritual gifts. -Misinterpretation of the use of scriptures causes disagreements. Misuse of church funds /corruption. -The church’s failure to satisfy the spiritual needs of the faithful.

-Sexual immorality in the church /lack of role models.

20 marks


Outline six Christian values that enhance the Christian caution of a just society. 6 mks


-Honesty /reliability/faithfulness.




-Perseverance /persistence.


b. Explain steps being taken by the church in Kenya to assist the orphaned by H.I.V /AIDS. 9 marks. -Organizing for their adoption.

-Advocating for their plight so that the government or the other interested groups can take action.

-Paying fees to keep them in school.

-Assisting them to link up with their relatives.

-Providing them with basic needs.

-Offering them employment opportunities e.g. to promote self-reliance.

-Offering them guidance and councelling to help them cope with their situation.

-Protecting them from exploitation. Any 9 x 1 = 9 mks c. Give five reasons why a Christian should not resort to strike action 5 marks.

-Its disobedience to lawfully instituted authority which is against biblical teachings.

-Leads to idleness /laziness which is condemned in the Bible.

-Wastes resources /time. -Disrupt peaceful working condition.

-Can lead to distraction of property.

-Can lead to loss of life which is against the commandment of God.

-Can lead to loss of employment /suffering of individuals.

-Leads to hatred /bitterness/frustration.

10 marks


Explain seven steps that Christians can take to narrow the gap between the poor as and the rich. 7 marks.

-Pay taxes.

-Create job opportunities by establishing business enterprises by helping to employ the job less.

-Providing evocation and skills, training to help the poor.

Assist the poor to access loans and other credit facilities.

-Advocate for application of the values of hard work, love, justice, fairness, integrity, honesty in work and business enterprises.

-Preach against bribery and corruption.

-Avoiding corrupt practices /role models.

-Providing proper formation of a mature conscience through spiritual and social formulation of Christians.

-Calling governments to be accountable to their citizens.

-Critical thinking.

- Creative thinking.

-Decision making

-Self esteem.

-Assertiveness. Any 5 x 1 = 5 marks.

c. Outline the role of Christians in transforming the political life of the society in Kenya today. (8 marks).

-Christians advocate for the interests of the people and speak on their behalf so that resources may be equitably distributed /act as the conscience of the society.

-Christians are called to offer prayers and provide necessary guidance during official Government functions e.g. other national days, Jamhuri, Madaraka, Mashujaa day.

-Christian politicians are sworn in using the Bible so that they are bound by Christian ethics as they carry out their duties

-Christians exercise their civil right by voting in general elections.

-Christians also seek political seats in parliament and local authorities i.e vie for political seats.

-Christians speak out against social evils and injustices in the community e.g. corruption, bribery, violation of human rights.

-Christians pray for leaders of the country e.g. president, cabinet minister e.t.c as they need God’s wisdom, guidance and protection in their sufficient tasks.

-Christians obey the laws of the land.

- Christians preach the need to be patriotic to love ones own country and defend their integrity of the country.

-Christians take part in the making of the new Constitution by airing their views through their representatives.

12 marks

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