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Chemistry Paper 3



11 marks


Table 2 4 marks

Distributed as follows A Complete Table 2 marks

Completer Table with 6 to 7 reading 2 marks

Incomplete Table with 5 to 4 reading 1 mark

Incomplete Table with 3 to 2 reading ½ mark

Incomplete Table with one reading 0 mark B Decimals ½ mark

Accept whole numbers or one decimal place used consistently for ½ mark C Accuracy ½ mark

Compare the students value at test tube one for the height of precipitate with the school value at test tube 1 and if with+ 2.0mm height award ½ mark otherwise penalize fully.

D Trend 1 mark Award one mark for a continuous rise followed by a constant otherwise penalize fully.

GRAPH 3 marks A Labelling of both axis even without units ½ mark B Scale ½ mark

Area occupied by the graph should be atleast 6½ squares in y axis by 9 squares in x axis otherwise penalize fully.

C Plotting 1 mark 6 to 7 correctly plotted points 1 mark. 5 to 4 correctly plotted points ½ mark Less than 4 correctly plotted points 0 mark

D Shape 1 mark

Accept a rise and then a constant joint by a straight edge

(b) Accept correct showing for ½mark and correct reading for ½ mark

8 marks


21 marks

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