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Geography Paper 1

SECTION A: (30 Marks)

(Answer all the questions in this section)

a) Describe what the diagram indicates in relation to the shape of the earth . (2 mks)

- An observer standing at the shore sees the smoke, funnel and mast before the rest of ship is visible . This indicates that the surface of the earth is curved. (2 mks)


i) Name one section of the earths crust (1mk)

- Sial

-Sima . (1x1=1mk)

ii) State two sources of information about the interior of the earth. (2 mks)

-seismetic waves of earthquakes.

-Volcanic materials brought to the surface through eruptions.

-Drilling into the crut to the mantle to obtain materials.

-Study of deep seas and ocean beds.

-Materials obtained from deep mines.

-Carrying out sesmic experiments

5 marks


5 marks


5 marks


5 marks


4 marks

SECTION B: (70 Marks)

(Answer question 6 and any two other questions in this section)

i) Identify the part labeled P, Q, R, S, T (5MKS)

  • P - Dam
  • Q -All weather road, loose surface
  • R – Riverine trees
  • S - District boundary
  • T – Dip (5mks)

ii)Name one type of vegetation found in the represented by the rectangle (1mk)

  • Scattered trees
  • Scrub
  • Woodland
  • Riverine tree 1x1 =(1mk)

d) Describe the drainage of the area covered by Kitale map (6mks)
-The area has several dams

-The area has seasonal swamps/papyrus swamps

-The area has many permanent rivers

-The main rivers are koitobos and Noigameget

-Most rivers to the north east originate from the forest

- Rivers along kapolet forest form parallel drainage pattern

-Some rivers drain into seasonal swamp/form centripetal drainage pattern 6x1 = (6mks)

25 marks


a)Define an iceberg (2mks)

  • A large mass of ice floating on water/ ocean (2mks)


i)Draw a well labeled diagram of Roche Mountonee (3mks)

25 marks


-The water is superheated

-and turn into steam , under very high pressure

-The water under pressure jets to the surface through the cracks intermittently.

-This forms a gayser

c) What are earthquakes? (2mks

-These are sudden and rapid movement / vibration of the earth’s crust (2mks)

d) Apart from vulcanicity explain three natural causes of earthquakes (6mks)

-Tectonic movement: convergent plate movement create stress along the edges where two plates meet. The edges thus break / fracture releasing energy which causes earthquake.

-Gravitative pressure: crustal rocks overlying hollow / void below the surface are pulled downward by force of gravity . The sinking crust therefore vibrates causing an earthquake.

-Energy release in the mantle : Radioactive explosion in the mantle may release excessive energy which results into shock waves thus shaking the earth’s crust

-Isostatic adjustment: The earth’s crust is lifted and subsides as it maintains equilibrium.These movements may trigger off minor earthquakes. Factor Explanation – 3 = (6mk

25 marks


25 marks


25 marks

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