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English Paper 1



1 Title St Francisco Secondary School feeding programme.

✔1 Introduction Importance of the task.1

The directions on how to answer questions.

Questions Gender

2 class✔

2 time for meals✔

2 Cooking 2 serving✔

✔2 and the kitchen staff.✔

✔1Thanks Format - 2marks

✔Content - 14 marks

✔Grammar - 4 marks Total 20 marks. N/B

✔Penalize the type of questions under linguistic ability.

D -Broken language, ✔

Question paper copied vagueness, spelling & tense errors in every sentence.

C -Fair linguistic ability. ✔

-Many errors but one can follow the questions. ✔

B -At ease with the language.✔

-Easy to understand. ✔

-Very creative & impressive ✔

A -Excellent ability. ✔

Creative ✔


20 marks

2. PASSAGE (10 Marks)

Read the passage below and fill in each blank space with an appropriate word.

1. ease

2. what

3. pessimist

4. But

5. positive

6. brighter

7. dwelt /dwelled

8. people

9. challenges

10. situation

10 marks

3.SOUNDS (3 Marks)

(c). Arrange the following words according to the initial sounds of letters CH, the first one has been done for you.

3.STORY (8 Marks)

Read the story below and answer the questions that follow.

(i). ✔ I would say it in a loud thundering voice/gruft voice ✔/½ hoarse voice to imitate the supernatural voice of God/out of the ordinary voice of God.✔½ ✔ Use a stern ✔½face /frown to show severe displeasure/harshness✔½ because of Mikayi’s disobedience.

NB There must be a verbal and a non-verbal cue (2mks)

(ii). I would use a sneer ✔/frown to express disgust at Mikayi’s foolishness.✔/or to show how the tired farmers✔demonise Mikayi as cause of their suffering.✔(2 marks).

Identify the facial expression. (1 mark).

Explanation (1 mark)

8 marks

4.THE POEM (10 Marks)

Read the poem below and answer the questions that follow.

6.THE STRESSED (4 Marks)

Underline the stressed syllables in the bold faced words in the following sentences.


(e). Your neighbour is being attacked by thugs in his house. You hear the distress call and decide to call the nearest police station. Below is part of the telephone conversation. Fill in the missing
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