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Christian Religious Education Paper 2

Answer any five questions.

a) State the message from Isaiah’s prophesy about Messiah which Jesus read in the synagogue at Nazareth.

- The Messiah was the annointed one of God.

- The Messiah was commissioned to preach the good news to the poor.

- To set the captives/ the oppressed free.

- To proclaim the day of the Lord.

- To comfort all those who mourn.

- To open the eyes of the blind.

- The Messiah was filled with the Holy spirit. 1x6 =6mks

b) Explain why Jesus was rejected at Nazareth.

- He claimed the prophesy of Isaiah which He had read to the audience was fulfilled in Him.

- Jesus refused to prove his claim of Messiahship through performing miracles as the audience demanded.

- He angered his audience when he accused them and their forefathers for having persistently rejected God’s prophets.

- He compared them (Jews) unfavorably with the Gentiles.

- The Jews expected a Messiah to be born from a royal family yet Jesus was the son of a carpenter.

- A prophet/prophetess is never liked or respected in his/her home village. 6x1=6

c) Give reasons why some people find it difficult to accept Jesus today.

- They have pride.

- They feel their answers lie in their academic knowledge and in science and technology.

- Opposition from the power of the devil.

- Belief in materialism.

- Lack of faith in spiritual matters.

- Fear of persecution on account of Jesus.

- Existence of other religious belief such as Islam, Hindus and traditional Africa religious.

- Inadequate role models among Christians.

- Leadership wrangles in the church.

- Different interpretation of the Biblical teachings.

- Poverty which dehumanises a person

- High moral standards expected of a believer

- Hypocrisy.

- Peer influence. 8x1=8 marks

20 marks


(a) Explain four teachings of John the Baptist on social justice.

i. John adviced on sharing with the needy charity/companion e.g. he who has 2coats to share out.

ii. John taught on fairness/ honesty in their dealings/not being corrupt e.g. tax collectors not collect more.

iii. Not to abuse /misuse their powers by robbing violently on false accusation

iv. To be contented with their wages e.g. solders.

v. Taught on sexual morality e.g. he condemned King Herod for taking the brothers wife. 4x2=8 marks

(b) State the teaching of John the Baptist about Jesus Christ.

i. Jesus is greater than John/Mightier than John.

ii. Jesus will baptize with the holy spirit &fire

iii. Jesus will proclaim judgment.

iv. Jesus is the Messiah/ Christ/lamb of God/ son of God.

v. Jesus will bring God’s salutation/ Samour. vi. Jesus punish the sinners and renewed the righteous. 6x1=6 marks

c)State six ways in which Christians practice social justice

i. By sharing their resources with the needy persons/ charitable work

ii. By visiting /giving moral support to the sick, prisoners bereaved etc

iii. By praying for peace and justice to prevail in the society

iv. By condemning evil in the society

v. By fulfilling their civil obligation/ By participating in the making of just law

vi. By being good role models /leading exemplary life

vii. By caring for the environment /planting trees

20 marks


(a) Describe the arrest of Jesus as narrated in Luke 22:47-53

i. Jesus was arrested at Olives at evening while with his disciples

ii. He was arrested by team led by Judas Escariot

iii. The team include the chief priest, temple officials, Romans solders

iv. Judas move forward and kissed Jesus

v. Jesus asked Judas are you betraying the son of man with your kiss

vi. The team was heavily armed

vii. One of the disciples struck off the ear of the chief priests servant

viii. Jesus quickly ordered for peace stopped resistance

ix. He touched the ear of the servant of the chief priest and it got healed

x. He asked why they had came to arrest him while he had been in the temple with them daily

xi. They arrested Jesus and took him to the house of the chief priest Any 1x9=9 marks

b) Why were Jesus disciples reluctant to listen to the holy women’s testimony concerning Jesus resurrection?

i. Women were despised.

ii. They had witnessed Jesus death and burial.

iii. Nobody had resurrected before.

iv. They had weak faith in Jesus.

v. Jesus had bid them bye.

vi. Jesus had not appeared to them.

vii. They had forgotten Jesus’ teachings.

viii. They knew the tomb was well guarded Any 1x6=6 marks

(c) Give reasons why modern Christians should accept to suffer in Christ’s name (5mks)

i. To imitate Christ /Because Christ suffered to bring salvation.

ii. Suffering strengthens Christian faith.

iii. To have the experience /feeling of the suffering.

iv. To protect the unfortunate/defend the rights of the weak.

v. To save and to support the needy with basic needs.

vi. To act a role model to the young Christians.

vii. To harden their bodies against temptations of the flesh.

viii. Jesus came for the poor and the suffering. ix. To demonstrate the glory of Christ over evil forces.

Any 1x5=5 marks

20 marks


a) Explain Paul’s teachings on the importance of the gifts of the holy spirit (9mks)
i. Love is the greatest of the spiritual gifts

ii. Gift of the prophecy is superior to the gift of speaking in tongue because it edifies

iii. Gifts are to be used in oderly manner

iv. Gifts of speaking in tongues need an interpreter

v. Different gifts are compared with different body parts to illustrate Christianity

vi. All gifts should be used to the glory of God vii. All gifts of the holy spirit are important for the unity of the church

viii. Nobody should despise another’s gift

ix. Gifts are given to different people .

x. Nobody should boast about his/her gift as most important Any 1x9=9mks

b) Identify seven teaching of Jesus on the role of the Holy Spirit. (7mks)

i. It would be a counselor.

ii. The holy spirit is a helper.

iii. It convicts/judge the world.

iv. Holy spirit reveals the truth.

v. It’s a spirit of prophecy.

vi. It brings glory to /Christ.

vii. Enable people to proclaim/ witness to Christ.

viii. Gives strength to endure , perseveres persecution.

ix. Strengthens faith.

x. Gives wisdom and knowledge.

xi. Protect the disciples. Any 1x7= 7 marks

c) How are the gifts of the Holy Spirit manifested in churches in Kenya today.

i. Love is manifested by Christians through work of charity.

ii. Christian preaching.

iii. Gift of speaking in tongues is manifested in the church during worship.

iv. Dreams and vision among Christian signify the gift of prophecy.

v. Healing session in some churches indicates a gift of holy spirit. Any 1x4 =marks

20 marks


(a) what is meant by the following terms?

i. Professional ethics- Principles of conduct governing an individual or a group of people living and working together

ii. Professional code of conduct- Principles/ laid down rules which ensure that professional Ethics and Ethos are adhered to by the professionals

iii. Professional ethos- Character or moral nature of a profession - It distinguishes one profession from another. Ethos also refer to attitudes that members of a profession should have so that they can live to its highest ideals.

(b) Why is it important for Christian to observe professional ethics.

i. A Christian is expected to render service accurately and adequately to the community

ii. In order to uphold the status of the profession or to make a good name and build high esteem for the work done.

iii. It is a way of glorifying God /serving God.

iv. In order to set a good ex ample for others to emulate.

v. To maintain a good relationship between employer, employee and client.

vi. It is a way of serving God and humankind/response to ones vocation.

Any 1x6=6 marks.

c) Give six reasons why Christian should not result to strike action as a way of preventing grievances

i) It may lead to the expulsion/termination of the inciter and culprits from schools /jobs this may mean loss of education and hence complete ruin of one’s future .

ii) It may be very expensive to parents, since school may levy a charge to all parents, for damages caused before students can be readmitted in the school.

iii) It may also lead to injuries among students if the situation degenerates to riots.

iv) It leads to loss of study time, because the guilty students may be suspended while others go on with learning.

v) It may lead to poor academic results because of the time lost.

vi) It leads to mistrust teachers and student may not maintain the friendly rapport they may have shared before and this is not conducive to learning `

vii) Injuries or death when confrontation takes place between the police and the strikes in an attempt to restore order.

6 Marks.

20 marks


a) Outline the significance of leisure in traditional African community (7mks)

i. To thank God for the good deeds to man

ii. Gave opportunity to Educate the youth

iii. To develop talents

iv. Used in solving community dispute/problems

v. Used in identifying future leaders

vi. Used for celebrating rites of passage

vii. Used for economic purpose trading,weaving,pottery

viii. Nurturing talents e.g. craftsmen, hunting, weaving Any 1x7=7 marks

b) Explain four Christian criteria of evaluating the use of leisure

i. leisure activities that enriches their knowledge in God/spiritual development

ii. Leisure activities that provide service for other /charitable

iii. Leisure activities that does not lead to addiction

iv. Leisure activities that are not harmful to one’s self and others

v. Activities that develop a wholesome/ all round person

vi. Activities that promotes self respect/purity of thought/not corrupt

vii. Activities that doesn’t lead to regrets in life

viii. Activities that allows one to rest and relax to regain lost energy

ix. Activities that doesn’t go against the laws of the country. Any 1x8=8 marks

c) State five ways in which science and technology undermines human life,. (5mks)

i. It has enabled people to carry out abortions which lead to death of unborn/risks the mother’s life.

ii. Cloning/test tube babies undermine human sexuality.

iii. Machines/fertilizers pollute environment endangering human life.

iv. Accidents caused by motor-vehicles lead to loss of lives.

v. Weapons of mass destruction /biological weapons lead to loss of life.

vi. Deforestation leads to depletion of trees/forests/soil erosion/lowers food production which can lead to hunger and starvation

vii. Joblessness due to science and technology leads to essential basic needs.

viii. Vasectomy, tubal ligation undermines God’s purpose of procreation. ix. Drugs /substance abuse can lead to disease and even death.

20 marks

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