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Christian Religious Education Paper 1

Answer any five questions.

(a) State six Deutero –canonical books in the catholic Bible. (6mks)

i) Tobit.

ii) Judith.

iii) Ecclesiasticus .

iv) Barach/Esdras I&II.

v) 1st and 2nd Maccabees. vi) Wisdom . (First 6x1=6 marks)

b) Give reasons why the Bible can be thought of as one complete and not two different sub-sections.

i) God portrayed in the O.T is the same God portrayed in the N.T.

ii) The nature of God as revealed in the O.T is the same nature revealed in the N.T.

iii) The salvation history talked about in the O.T is fulfilled in the N.T.

iv) Some promises made by God in the O.T were fulfilled in the N.T through Jesus Christ.

v) God’s judgment of sin leads to punishment in both. vi) Covenant relationship is portrayed in the both parts O.T and N.T.

vii) The covenants are sealed by blood in both cases i.e O.T blood of animals &N.T blood of JESUS CHRIST. (Any 6x1=6 marks)

c) Explain any four GOD’S plan of salvation after the fall of man.(8 marks)

i) God clothed them after realizing that they were naked.

ii) He called them from their hiding “Adam where are you?’’

iii) Gen 3:15 God gave human beings power over the serpent.

iv) God called Abraham and made a Covent with him.

v) God entered in to a covenant with Noah and promised never to destroy human being through floods.

vi) He sent prophets to people to warn them against breaking the covenant.

vii) Through the prophets God promised a Messiah.

viii) The coming of the Holy Spirit to the church today. Any first explain 4x2=8

20 marks


a) Give any six ways through which God saved the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. (6mks)

i) He enabled Moses and his spokesman Aaron to call down the plagues.

ii) He caused suffering to the Egyptians as a punishment for enslaving the Israelites.

iii) He sent the angle of death on the Passover night to kill the Egyptians’ firstborns and spared the Israelites’

iv) He let the Israelites get wealth from Egyptians as payment for the 400yrs of forced labour.

v) The Egyptians allowed them leave after the death of their first borns. It was clear that from the plagues, God was fighting on the Israelites side. vi) He enable them to cross the red sea safely to escape the Egyptians army. First 6x1=6

b) State seven reasons why Israelites broke the Sinai covenant. (7 marks)

i) They became impatient and restless and could no longer wait for Moses.

ii) They wanted some image to represent God and lead them in the place of Moses.

iii) They wanted a God they could see since Yahweh seemed to be far away and difficult to understand. iv) They were afraid of being in the wilderness and wanted to reach Canaan quickly.

v) The laws demanded great obedience.

vi) They wanted an easier kind of religion.

vii) They were influenced by Polytheistic Religion Block in Israel.

c) Importance of faith in modern life. (7mks)

i) Enables us to perceive God’s commandment.

ii) Strengthens Christians relations with God.

iii) Enables us to understand better as He fulfills His promises.

iv) Helps us face challenges with confidence because victory is assured.

v) It makes life meaningful due to the hope for eternity.

vi) It brings blessing to those who trust and believe.

vii) Enables us to believe that God provides for our needs First seven 7x1=7

20 marks


(a) Identify seven ways through which king Solomon fulfilled Samwel’s prophecy. (7mks)

i) He introduced forced labour.

ii) Forced people to pay high taxes t o the government.

iii) He enslaved people. iv) The king would force their daughters to work for his wife(s) sons and the house in general.

v) He married foreign women whom God had rejected. vi) He built high places for God.

vii) He forcefully conscribed the sons of the Israelites by force into the army especially his sons who took over from.

b) Causes of religious schism between Israel and Judah. (7mks)

i) Jeroboam made 2 golden calves and placed one at Bethel and the other at Dan to act as the visible representation o f Yahweh (BAAL-Haded symbol) thus reduce Yahweh to the surrounding gods.

ii) Jeroboam ignored Jerusalem as a centre of worship and set up two rival place of worship at Dan &Bethel. He thus destroyed the idea of the covenant of brotherhood and unity amongst Israel which David had achieved.

iii) He made the Israelites to offer sacrifices to the two golden bulls represent Yahweh. Though meant for God the Israelites thought it was for those imitating other gods

iv ) He built other places of worship on hill tops.

v) He instituted religious festivals /feast in the month of his choice.

vi)He burnt incense at the altar of idols this breaking the first commandment.

vii) He chose priests from ordinary families to serve Yahweh at the centers of worship. 7x1=7 marks

c) Life skills one can apply to fight inter-denomination conflicts . (6mks)

i) Creative thinking - this is the ability to think about, explore possibilities of doing task in solving problems in more than one way.

ii) Critical thinking – this is the ability to think and ask questions in situations.

iii) Decision making- This is being in a position to make the right choices.

iv) Assertiveness – This is the ability to express ones opinion strongly and with confidence.

v) Self-Esteem- this is the feeling of being contented with one’s character and abilities.

vi) Role model in this a situation where one leads by practicing exemplary life beyond reproach 6x1=6mks

20 marks


a) Describe the day of lord as prophesied by prophet Amos. (6mks)

i) The day will be one of doom. The Israelites thought it would be the day the lord would come to their deliver from their enemies.

ii) Israel would be punished because she had negleded her responsibilities as the chosen nation.

iii) There would be suffering, terror, mourning and weeping.

iv) The world would experience earthquakes, eclipses and pain.

v) During the day the people will not mention the name of the Lord for fear of further punishment.

vi) They will seek the Lord and they will not find Him because all the places of worship will have been destroyed. 6x1=6 marks

b) Outline 7 forms of punishment Amos prophesied for Israel &Judah. (7mks)

i) Earthquake.

ii) Spiritual famine or hunger for God’s word invasion by Assyrians who would destroy the people and their land.

iii) Eclipse-the land would be covered by darkness.

iv) Christians are challenged by prophets to be people of high moral standards

v) Captivity by Assyrians.

vi) Drought leading to painful thirst.

vii) Destructions of altars at Dan &Bethel.

viii) Exile due to attack by Assyrians.

c) State the relevance of prophets to Christian today. (7mks)

i) Christians should realize that the call to be a Christian has a prophetic role requiring them to be messengers of God as well as mediators between God and his people.

ii) Christians are challenged by prophets to speak against social-economic and political injustices.
iii) Christian should use the gift of prophecy for the glory of God and for the good of the people.

iv) Christians are challenged by prophets to be people of high moral standards.

v) Through the prophets Christian learn that God requires a faithful response and obedience from those called.

vi) The coming of Jesus Christ had been foretold by the O.T prophets.

vii) Christian should proclaim Gods message without fear and stand firm for the truth like the prophets did.

viii) Christians should pray to God for guidance and wisdom in their work, like prophets did.

ix) Christian should be concerned about the welfare of other people like the prophets were.

x) Christians should provide for people in times of suffering like the prophets did.

(Any 7x1=7 marks)

20 marks


a) Explain any four promises that the Israelites made when they renewed the covenant with God during the time of Nehemiah (Neh10:28-39).

i) They were to live according to Gods law /obey all His commandment /requirements.

ii) They would not intermarry with foreigners living in their land.

iii) They promised not to farm every seventh year/they were to cancel all the debts

iv) They would make annual contributions towards temple expenses/not to neglect the house of GOD.

v) They were to provide wood for burnt sacrifices.

vi) They were to offer the first fruit of their harvest /dedicate their first born sons /flocks as required by the law.

vii) They will not do any business on the Sabbath day. viii) They would pay their tithes in accordance with the law. (First 4x2=8 marks)

b) Identify six final reforms carried out by Nehemiah to restore the true worship of God in Judah. (6mks)

i) Cleansing of the temple.

ii) Reinstating of the Levites and other temple workers.

iii) He ordered for the closure of Jerusalem for proper Sabbath observance.

iv) He separated the Jews from the foreigners.

v) He purified the priesthood/office of the Levites.

vi) Throwing out the household of Tobia out of the chamber.

vii) Cleansing the chamber in the temple.

viii) Returning the vessel of the house of God .

ix) Appointing treasures over the storehouses.

x) Stopping the buying and selling of wares on the Sabbath day.

xi) He ordered an end to mixed marriage/marriage with foreigners. (6 marks)

c) Give any six problems that Christian leaders in Kenya may face in discharging their work today.

i) Opposition from political leaders /society.

ii) Lack of co-operation from the members of the church /lack of unity among Christians.

iii) False prophets /cultic affiliation /hypocrisy/black magic \witchcraft.

iv) Misinterpretation of the scriptures. v) Drug abuse among the members.

vi) Lack of adequate time for pastoral care.

vii) Poor infra-structure that makes it impossible to reach some areas.

viii) Insecurity in some parts of the country.

ix) Lack of resources to enable them spread the good news/ poverty.

x) Lack of professional training to enable them do their work effectively.

xi) Permissiveness /moral decadence which has become the order of the day.

xii) Negative influence from the mass-media pornography. xiii) Nuclear family commitment. First 6x1=6 marks

20 marks


a)Outline five duties performed by the priest in the traditional Africa communities.

i) Offering sacrifices, prayers and offerings.

ii) Officiating rituals.

iii) Counseling people.

iv) Settling disputes.

v) Pouring libations to ancestors.

vi) Maintaining shrines.

vii) Instructed the kings and chiefs in their position /acted as political heads &judges.

viii) Led the community in worship. ix) Represent God in the community.

x) They acted as guardians of comm..knowledge on taboos & customs. First 5x1=5 marks.

b) State eight reasons why dowry was given to girl’s parent in the Traditional African Societies (8mks)

i) To compensate the family for losing their daughters.

ii) To appreciate her family for raising her.

iii) To pay for the labour she would give to the man’s home.

iv) To pay for the children she would bear to seal the marriage.

v) To show the family commitment to the marriage.

vi) To bring the two families together in celebration.

vii) It was a symbol of faithfulness.

viii) To show the man had wealth and will take good care of the girl first. First 8x1=8 marks

c) State seven reasons why seclusion was carried out in traditional African communities during initiation.

i) To facilitate the healing process of the initiates.

ii) To teach the initiates the moral values.

iii) To facilitate proper feeding for the initiates.

iv) To enable them learn the secrets of the community.

v) The isolation is rebirth from childhood to adulthood.

vi) It promotes social interaction and formation of age set system.

vii) To enable them to adjust to new independent life. First7x1=7 marks

20 marks

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