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Biology Paper 3


.(a)(i)seed; rej nut (1mk)

(ii)Has one scar ; (1mk)

(b) (i) A permanent translucent spot that allow light to pass through ( if paper was held against the light); (1mk)

(ii)Lipids present ; acc Fats and oils present; Rej.Fats / oils present

4 marks


.(a) I (i) W –Uterus ; Rej Womb

(ii) X - Urinary bladder; Rej. bladder alone.

II (i) U –Transport urine(from kidney to the urinary bladder);

(ii) Y – Passage of ova; - Site for fertilization; mark first one correct

III (i) S (i)-Aldosterone;



Acc .A correct glucocorticoid

(ii) –Oestrogen;


IV T – Osmoregulation;

-regulation of PH;

- Regulation of ionic content; mark first one


b) I (i) A – Cervical;

(ii) C- Lumbar;



(i)  Precense of glenoid carvity for articulation with the head of numerous;

 Broad and flattened for (shoulder) muscle attachment

 Has spine for muscle attachment.

 Has acromion/ metacromion processes for muscle attachment.

 Has acromion processes for articulation with the clavicle.
2 © LAIKIPIA /NYAHURURU 2013 231/3
 Head shaped like a ball/rounded head/ round shaped/ like a ball/round head on proximal/ upper end to allow movement in more than one plane /3600 (inacetabulum of pelvic girdle);  Has projections/trochanters for attachment of (thigh)muscle;

 Has condyles/ expanded and rounded knobs on distal/lower end for articulation with tibia.

III (i) D – Hinge joint;

(ii)F – Ball and socket joint.

IV Ball and socket joint allows movement in all planes/ 3600 while hinge joint allows movement in one plane only/ 1800

V Smooth muscles;

15 marks


(i) (Air bubble) potometer;

(ii)(Rate of ) Transpiration;

(iii)  Cut shoot under water

 Apply petroleum jelly to cork – glass connection; bung shoot/ bung glass connection

 Open reservoir tap mark first correct answer

(iv) - To ensure no air enters leafy shoot/xylem

-To ensure apparatus is air tight;

-To remove air bubbles from tubes.

(v)  High temperature

 Wind.

 Low humidity

 High light intensity/ bright light

 Low atmospheric pressure. Rej. Unqualified factor. Eg Temperature

(vi)High light intensity

-Stomata are fully/wide open exposing air spaces in the leaf to the atmosphere. This in turn increases water loss by evaporation through the stomata, increasing rate of transpiration/ movement of air bubble. High temperature

-Increases rate of evaporation from the leaf surface; thus more water vapour leaves cells due to increased diffusion gradient; increasing rate of transpiration/movement of the air bubble. Wind

-Air around the leaf is carried away reducing water vapour around the leaf, increasing diffusion gradient between leaf air spaces and the atmosphere increasing rate of transpiration / rate of air bubble Low atmospheric pressure

- Increase diffusion gradient between atmosphere and the leaf increasing rate of evaporation leading to increased rate of transpiration / rate of movement of air bubble.

vii. Use of defoliated shoot/shoot without leaves;

b(i)Klinostat/ clinostat;

(ii) Geotropism;

(iii)As the klinostat rotates; all the sides/parts of the shoot receive (in turn) equal stimulation to gravity; there is equal distribution of auxins on all sides of the shoot; the shoot continue growing horizontally(with no curvature); Total 4mks Max 3mks

12 marks

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