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Computer Studies Paper 2


i) Typing the entire text – 15 mks

ii) Bolding title – 2mks

iii) Drawing and formatting an oval as shown and typing the text shown -3mks

iv) Drop caps – 2mks

v) Creating columns with line in between -2mks

vi) Creating table for transmission media – 2mks

vii) Formatting the table boarders – 2mks

viii) Merging cells – 2mks

ix) Inserting bullets as shown in the table data – 2mks

x) Word art as shown in the text – 2mks

xi) Numbering the types of networks -1mk

xii) Creating table for form four CAT1 anaylsis, merging the cells and inserting data as shown -3mks

xiii) Using formulars to determine total score and average score for all the students (1 x10 mks)

xiv) Printing – 2mks

48 marks


i) Entering data to the worksheet as shown – 7mks

ii) Merging cells in the first two rows – 2mks

iii) Formatting table boarders as shown – 3mks

iv) Renaming sheet1 as sales1 – 1mk

v) Copying sales1 to sheet 2 and renaming it as sales2 – 2mks

vi) Formatting figures to 2dps and 1000 separator. -3mks

vii) Determining average sales for sales persons (use function e.g. =average(rage) or formula) – 3mks

viii) Calculating commission using if function( =if(d2<=2500,d2*5%,if(d2<=3000,d2*8%,if(d2<=4000,d2*10%,if(d2<=5000, d2*15%,d2*20%)))). Note that reference can change but the formula remains – 12 mks

ix) Determining mode of payment using if function – 6mks

x) Using count function to count M-pesa payments (= countif(d2:d10,”M-pesa”). Note that references can change but the formula remains. – 3mks

xi) Creating a pie chart – 4mks xii) Printing sales1 and sales2 -2mks

52 marks

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