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Computer Studies Paper 1

SECTION A (40 Marks)

Answer all questions

- It can be used for pricing the different types of commodities

- It can be used as a bar code reader

- Fore checking stock levels (stock control)

- For adding totals of purchase & calculating customers change

- For receipt production

2 marks


- A compiler translates the entire program at once as a unit before execution can begin. An Interpreter translates one instruction of the source program at a time. The translated instruction is immediately obeyed before the next instruction can be translated.

- An interpreter translates the program each time it is needed for execution; compiled programs can be saved on a storage media and run when required.

- For an Interpreter, syntax errors are reported & corrected before the execution can continue. For a compiler, syntax errors are reported & corrected after the source code has been translated to its object code equivalent.

2 marks


Data is stored in computers in binary form. The computer’s CPU carries arithmetic & logical operations by binary numbers.

This is because; binary numbers has only two digits, 0 & 1, which make it suitable for representing two states of data such as OFF & ON.

2 marks


A method of checking a program for logical errors by making the corrections on a paper or from the printouts

2 marks



- To prevent the spread of viruses between the computers

- To prevent unauthorized copying of programs from or to the computers

- Students may carry immoral files using the diskettes


- Using diskless computers

- Use of antivirus software to detect/ clean viruses before use

3 marks


- Laser printers are faster than dot matrix printers

- Laser printers are quiet while dot matrices are noisy

- Laser printers use thermal technology while dot matrix is an impact printer

- Laser jets use Toner cartridges while dot matrix use ribbons

- A laser printer is expensive than a dot matrix

- The print quality of a laser printer is better

3 marks


- Data collection/ preparation

- Data input

- Processing

- Output of information

2 marks


(a) This is a program used frequently by the computer to carry out routine jobs Utility software is used to manage computer files, diagnose and repair computer problems and assist in helping the computer to run more efficiently.


- Text editors

- Sort utility

- Language translators

- Merge utility

- Loader

- Copy utility

- Linker

- Dump utility

- Diagnostic tools

- Database management system

3 marks


- An intelligent terminal is one which is capable of performing some limited amount of processing on data before transmitting what is beyond their processing abilities to the central computer.

- A dump terminal is one which does not have any of its own processing capabilities/ power. It relies on the processing capabilities of the central computer that serves it.

3 marks


- Processor (CPU)

- Ports eg USB / SCSI ports

- Hard disk

- DVD Drives / Tape Drives

- RAM Memory

- Expansion slots

4 marks


-Source program is the program as written by the programmer using an editor program either in high level or assembly language.

- Object program is the program in machine code (or binary form) produced by a compiler or assembler after translating the source program, and can be readily loaded into the computer.

2 marks


i. Enter key

ii. Backspace key

iii. Spacebar key

iv. Caps lock key


i. Copy

ii. Paste

iii. Cut

iv. Undo

4 marks


(a) = B2*$B9


= SUM (B2: B5)


= B2 + B3 + B4 + B5

3 marks


- Indexing

- Sorting

- Filtering

- Querying

- Updating of records

- Report generation

3 marks


- LAN is limited to a small geographical distance

- Data transmission speed in LANS is higher

- Cost of data transmission in LANs is small

- There are less transmission errors in LANs

3 marks

SECTION B (45 Marks)

Question 16 (Compulsory) and any other THREE

ON page connector. Connecting points for arrows to another part of the flowchart on the same page.

OFF PAGE CONNECTOR: Used instead of the connector symbol to designate entry to or exit from a page

STOP or START ENTITY: Marks the beginning or end of the program.

15 marks


(BCD) Binary Coded Decimal

(ASCII) – American Standard Code for Information Interchange

(EBCDIC) – Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code

b. i. 110.1012 to decimal

15 marks



- Management of the files will be easier

- Retrieving of certain files will be easier

- To avoid accidental deletion/ erasure of files when the files in C are being deleted.


- The user must know the command to type

- It is less user- friendly i.e. it is not easy to use

- The user is required to master the format/ syntax of all commands and their usage perfectly.

- Writing commands is time consuming

15 marks


(a) Set of actions that you can create to help you to automate common tasks. A report is a data base object produces a summary of information held in a database.


(i) Updating records

(ii) Editing records

(iii) Deleting records

(iv) Adding records

( c)

(i) Text

(ii) Number

(iii) Currency

(iv) Yes / No, Text

(d) Admission number: It identifies the students uniquely because admission number cannot be the same even if the names are the same.


(i) Microsoft Access

(ii) Dbase

(iii) Quatro pro

(iv) SQl

(vi) Sys base

15 marks



(i) Internet – Worldwide system of computer networks.

(ii) Domain name – e.g. edu., org., com It identifies the type of institution offering a particular service (s).

(iii) ISP – internet service provider

Company that provides access to internet

(iv) WWW - World Wide Web A vast virtual space on the internet where information called website are installed.


- E-mail

– Electronic letters can be sent and received in the institution

- Read news on the net i.e all the newspapers.

- Read health information i.e latest medical news and research

- Chatting on the net

– people can sign into a chat room and exchange ideas.

- Music and entertainment on the net.

(c )

(i) Virus

(ii) Theft

(iii) Computer errors and accidents e.g deletion of data


(i)Antivirus software

(ii) Password control

(iii) Data backups

(iv) User access level

15 marks

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