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Art and Design Paper 1

SECTION A (20 Marks)

Answer all questions in this section in the spaces provided. (20 MARKS) Answer all questions in this section in the spaces provided.

(a). Tactile texture is texture that is experienced when objects are touched.(1 mark)

(b).(i). Shading (1 mark)

(ii). Tinting (1 mark)

(c). Hue is the property of colour which makes a colour different from each other whereas pigment is colouring substances that are used to give the effect of colour. (2 marks)

(d). Primary covers the small spaces between the yarn on the canvas as well as giving a base for the final paint to hold on. (2 marks) / it makes the surface not to absorb too much paint.

(e). Grog hardens wet clay and prevents a clay article from cracking during the firing process. (2 marks) (f).(i). Residual clays are those found near the original rock source. (1 mark)

(ii). A greenware is an unfired clay article. (1 mark)

(g). Glost firing makes the article fuse in the glaze applied on it. (2 marks)

(h).i). Beauty

ii). Identification

iii). Symbolically

(i).i). One type of material is used in mosaic while collage uses a variety of textured materials. (1 mark)

ii). Materials in mosaic are cut into small pieces before sticking where as in collage the pieces are big. (1 mark)

iii). Collage can be combined with painting where as mosaic is not. (1 mark)

(j). shed is the space between two alternate warps. (2 marks)

(k).i). Temperatures in an electric kiln can be controlled.

ii). Very little wastage is realized when using an electric kiln than it is with the ordinary one.

(l). i). Beauty (1 mark)

ii). Functionality/commemoration (1 mark)

25 marks

SECTION B (25 Marks)


(a) Teacher’s discretion. (3 marks)

(b) i) Apply wax heavily on a paper. (1½ marks)

ii) Apply thinned water colour over the wax marks using the brush. (1½ marks)

6 marks


(a) A serif is a projection on a letter. (2 marks)

(b). A serif makes the letter to look beautiful. (2 marks)

4 marks


Teacher’s discretion.

4 marks


(a) Void: - Fully or partially enclosed spaces on the body of a sculpture. (2 marks)

(b) Contour:-Place where two planes meet. (2 marks)

(c) Solids: - These are masses which are three dimensional occupying spaces & projecting out.

6 marks


(a) Twining is a technique in weaving where a single warp is intertwined by a pair of

weft. (2 marks)

(b) Horizontal & circulation twines

5 marks

SECTION C (0 Marks)

Answer any one question from this section.

(a) Printing is a process of duplicating a design by transferring its image from a prepared surface to another material. (1 mark)

(b)i) Spraying (1 mark)

ii) Painting (1 mark)

iii) Dabbing (1 mark)

(c) Examiner’s discretion (4 marks)

(d) Examiner’s discretion (7 marks)

15 marks


(a) Tritik is the sewing technique in tie & dye. (1 mark)

(b)i) Tjaps -Stamps used to apply wax on a fabric during the batik process of fabric decoration. (2 marks)

ii) Tjanting tool - tools used to apply wax on a fabric.

iii) Squeegee - tools used to apply ink through a screen in screen printing.

(c) Wax is very flammable. (2 marks) To keep the wax at a constant temperature.

(d) Examiner’s discretion (6 marks)

15 marks


(a) Clay

(b) -Knead the clay

-Wedge the clay

-Make the coils

-Join the coils using slip

-Smoothen the inner part of the vase.

-You may smoothen the outer part if you wish.

(c) Teachers discretion

15 marks

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