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English Paper 2


Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow it.

i. Scientists attention was focused on Birth flu/scientists were distracted from its existence by Bird flu.[1 mk]

ii. Swine flu has killed seventy people Mexico in only one week.[1 mk] Swine flue has a higher fatality rate than Spanish flu which killed 100 million people between 1918 – 1919.[1 mk]

iii. Why swine flu has caused panic around the world.

a. It is not easy to produce a timely vaccine (because the causative agent mutates constantly.)[1 mk]

b. Pigs can host various flu types, which results into more virulent and fast spreading stains.[1 b

c. The virus is transmitted from human to human.[1c

d. The causative agent is linked to the Spanish flu which claimed 100 million lives.[1d

e. Swine flu has a higher fatality rate than the Spanish [flu which killed 100 million people.) [i.e

f. The virus progresses very fast from one stage to another.[1f)(1x6=6mks)

Sample summary

It is difficult to produce a timely vaccine, Pigs can host various flu types, resulting in more virulent and fast spreading strains that can be transmitted among humans. The HINI virus is linked to the Spanish flu which killed 100 million people. It has a higher fatality rate than the Spanish flu and progresses rapidly form one stage to another.[58 words]

Marking instructions;

(i)Mark up to a maximum of 60 words.

(ii)Deduct a glimmer [¼ mk] for faulty expression per sentence.

(iii)Deduct 50% of total score if answer is in note form. iv. The causative agent keeps mutating [1 mk] v. Several precautionary measures have been put in place by many countries.[1 mk]

vi. The world has advanced in technology, research and effective communication strategies.[1 mk]

vii. Meanings of words and phrases.

a. Distracted; interfered with/diverted from.[1 mark] [do not award if tense has changed]

b. Virulent; dangerous and quickly spreading.

c. Fatality rate; the frequency of deaths[1 mark]

d. Cloud still hovers over the globe; effects or consequences are still being felt.[1 mk]

viii. The tone of the passage is optimistic/hopeful.[1 mark]

The writer is confident that swine flu will be put under control soon.[1 mark]

[do not a ward if there is no identification]

20 marks

2. EXCERPT (25 Marks)

Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow it

a. She had gone to Kisuma [to see the D.O] [1 mark]

- She had gone to petition the D.O to force Otieno to return wealth and relinquish the Chief’s seat which belonged to her grandson. [3 marks]

[Do not a ward if the first question is not answered or the answer is wrong]
b. Conflict.

The conflict between Akoko and Otieno which mirrors the women’s struggle for justice in a male-dominated society.

- Change [1]. There is change where the colonial administration represented by the DC has replaced the council of Jodongo in arbitrating cases.[1 mark] - Oppression/ injustice[1]. Otieno uses his position as chief to grab Akoko’s wealth[1 mark] [Accept any other plausible answer. No mark if there is not identificaton] [Any 2 x2 = 4 marks] c. Akoko causes commotion in the home after her mother

–in law accuses her of practising witchcraft.[1mark] -

Otieno joins the quarrel and threatens to beat up Akoko. [ 1mark]

- Akoko scares him away with her venomous look.[1 mark] [1x 3 = 3 marks] d. Akoko is intelligent while Otieno is foolish; She knows that a frontal attack on Otieno will fail; so she appeals to the Whiteman for help. OTieno on the other hand foolishly repeats the same mistake of trying to attack Akoko and suffers humiliation.[2 marks]

- Akoko is brave/courageous but Otieno is cowardly. She confronts Otieno and dares him to beat her, but he quickly retreats.[2 marks]

- Akoko is calm/composed wihle Otieno is rash/temperamental. Immediately he learns that Akoko reported him to the DO, he rashes to her home to beat her. But Akoko calmly faces him and challenges him to go ahead.[2 marks] [Any 2 x 3 = 6 marks]

e. Omniscient narrator [3rd person narrative technique][1 mark]. The events that take place in the excerpt are narrated to us by a narrator who is not one of the characters.

- Proverb [1 mark] Author uses the proverb; ‘if you want to cut a tree, take time to sharpen an axe.”

- Idiom [1 mark].”Akoko did not get wind of their presence/…..There were people nosing around his affairs.”

- Dialogue [1 mark]. The bitter exchange between Otieno and Akoko.

- “Are you behind all this you stupid woman?” “Go away you fool….”[ 1mark] [ candidate must quote the dialogue to score]

- Rhetorical question.”….else how did she hold such sway with his late brother?”

- Analogy.”There was no advantage in knocking one’s head against a tree trunk….”

- Humour[1 mark] “Are you the village chief or village fool?” [Any 3 x 2 =6 marks]

f. Within a month Akoko is taken back to see the DC [1 mark]

- After listening to the facts of the case, the DC[1 mark]decides to send askaris to dethrone Otieno.[1 mark]

- Jodongo is installed to rule over the village until Owuor Kembo becomes of age.[1mark] [1 mark x 3 = 3 marks]

25 marks

3. POEM (20 Marks)

Read the poem below and answer the questions that follow.

i. The persona is a parent/elder person [1k]. He refers to the addressee as son’’once upon a time, son.’’ [Do not award if there is no identification]

[2 marks]
ii. Opening formular usually used in Oral narratives “once upon time”[1 mark] Poet uses this to suggest the idea of timelessness i.e the events in the poem are not limited to any historical time/wants to show how much human nature changes in a few years.[3 marks]

iii. The poem is about hypocrisy/pretence. Persona criticizes adults for being so hypocritical in the way they relate to ach other. [1 mark] He longs for his childhood which was a period of innocence. [if candidate only gives a literal interpretation, award a maximum of 2 marks] [3 marks]

iv. Comment on the use of imagery in the poem.[6 marks]

-Metaphor [1 mark]”….their ice-block cold eyes”. Search behind my shadow [1 mark] The metaphor creates an image or unfriendliness or even hostility.

[1 mark]

-Simile. ‘’I have learned to wear many face like dresses’’ [1 mark] -His face does not express his true feelings but is meant to suit the occasion.

[1 mark]

v. Appear or pretend to be happy outwardly. [1 mark]

vi. The mood of the poem is nostalgic. Persona longs to go back to his childhood say.[1 mark]

vii. The attitude is satirical/sarcastic/ironical/contemptuous/spiteful. He is disgusted by the hypocrisy of adults.

20 marks

4. GRAMMAR (15 Marks)


I. Neither the President nor the cabinet secretaries are attending the meeting/neither the cabinet secretaries nor the president is attending the meeting.

[1 mark]

II. Having eaten their lunch, the children went to play. [Do not award if comma is missing]

III. The teacher tried his best to explain the concept; nevertheless, no student understood him.[punctuation marks are mandatory]

IV. “I am going to buy a tractor,’’ said the farmer,’’ because the price has come down.” [No mark for wrong punctuation]

b. [i] Swum

[ii] beautifully

[iii] flown

c. [i] Wobbles

[ii] my

[iii] was

d. [i] stones

[ii] her

[iii] any
e. Christians bow before entering the church. [1 mark]

- Wekesa took his bow and arrows and went to hunt (1 mark) N/B[word form must not change; Meaning must clearly come out, if not a ward 0.

15 marks

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