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Computer Studies Paper 1

SECTION A (40 Marks)


Accept logical files as way files viewed of its contents and processing to be carried upon them.

-Where as physical files is the actual arrangement of the file content in storage media. 1mk each

2 marks


Uses of computer in

a) Financial institution

-Payroll system.

-Accounting system.

-Banking system. Award each ½ mk

b) Transport system.

-Accept air traffic control.

-Shipping control.

-Automobile traffic control. Award each½ mk.

2 marks


Techniques of using a mouse. Accept.


-Double clicking.

-Right clicking.

-Drag and drop. Award each ½mk.

2 marks


(a)Virtual reality.

-Condition in which a person is psychologically immersed in an artificial environment generated by a computer system. Award 1 mk

(b)Sensory devices.

-Head gear/head mounted display.


-Body suit.

-Virtual reality software. Award ½ mk each

3 marks


(a)Advantages of USB. Accept

-It supports wide range/variety of peripheral devices.

-Faster in data signal transmission.

-Provide quality data transmission over long distance. award 1mk

(b)Parallel cables faster than serial.


-they use asset of many conductors than serial. award 1 mk

4 marks


(a)Difference between MAN and WAN. Accept WAN

-Cover unlimited geographical area MAN cover limited area.

-It is expensive to set up unlike MAN.

-It is difficult to install than MAN.

-It is slow in data transmission than MAN. award 1mk each

(b)Components of LAN. Accept.

-Data communication media/cables

-Communication divine/NIC/modem.

-Network software/network o/s/network protocol. award ½mk each.

5 marks


Peripheral devices for Ps/2 port. Accept


-Keyboard award 1 mk

1 marks


Careers of computer hardware Accept


-hardware engineer.award 1 mk each

2 marks


Restriction to illegal entry. Accept

-use burglar proof doors.

-grill windows.

-restriction to strangers.


-security personnel. award 1mk each.

3 marks


(a)Keyboard key under state of ON/OFF. Accept.




-INSERT award ½mk each.

(b)Precautions when connecting a hard disk. Accept

-The power cables is off/disconnected to computer.

-Wear antistatic material to discharge any static change of the body.

-Connect power supply cable to the drive.

-Connect drive to another board. award 1 mk

4 marks



-Computer crime is complex to detect.

-It is not easy to find clear evidence.

-There are no witness.

-Few people know the management of computer crime. award1mk each.

(b)Autocorrect-automatically correct wrong spelt words and replace with correct one.

Auto complex-display a word when typing for characters.

4 marks


(a)(i)Search engine-program Accept

-Searches a document for specified keyboards and returns a list of documents where the keyboards were found. A ward 1 mk

(ii)System entropy-decay of system with time. award 1 mk

(b)Example of search engine.



-Hotmail. award ½mk

3 marks


(a)Real time-process of data immediately as it arrives. award 1 mk

(b)Distributed data processing- processing of data to two or more computer physically located at separate sites but connected to central processing unlike real time.

3 marks


(a)Disadvantages of monolithic system. Accept

-Difficult to debug.

-It is not easy to learn.

-It is not flexible.

-It is not easy to modify. A ward 1 mk each

(b)Uses of

(i)Master pages.

-Designs providing for general layout to all other pages of publication. award 1mk

(ii)Tracking-used to change the visual denseness or openness of characters in a line. Award 1 mk

5 marks

SECTION B (60 Marks)

Answer question 15 and any other three questions from this section in the spaces provided.

(a) (i)A=10x2=20

Year =1+2=3. ½ mk

A=20 ½


Year=3+2=5 ½ mk

A=40 ½ mk


Year=5+2=7 ½mk

A=80 ½mk


Year=7+2=9 ½mk

A=160 ½mk

P=160x9=1440 1mk

Pseudo code for flow chart.

(b)Start Initialize year, profit and amount

(A) Repeat A=A x profit


Output A

Until year ˃7 P=A x year

Output P Stop

Award ½mk each step overall sequence flow 2mks

A ward each 1mk any two.

(c)Advantages of high level languages.

-Are portable (not machine dependant)

-Are user friendly.


-Easy to debug.

-Better documentation.

-Fast to code. Disadvantages.

-Program execution is slow.

-Require memory for compilation.

-Require language translator to machine readable form.

15 marks


(a)(i)R-crop tool.

(ii)Q- Text tool. award1 mk

(b) Methods of transforming objects.

Accept- rotate


-reflection award½mk each

(c)(i) 10111.111


11111.010 award 1 mk

16 marks


(a)(i)Expert system- is software that stores the knowledge of human experts and is then used as consultant in a particular field.

(ii)Components of expert system.

-Knowledge base- database of particular field having procedures for solving a problem.

-Inference engine- software that applies the rule from knowledge base provided by the to draw conclusion.

(iii)User interface-screen that enables user interface with the system. Award each 1mk

(b)Impact of ICT in

(i)Environment Accept

-Energy consumption.

-Radiation/emission of harmful rays.

-Pollution-toxic substances/catridges/laptops award any two mks each.

(ii)Employment-creating new opportunities/job replacement. Shifting from one department to another. Job displacement. Award 1mk

(c)(i)Partitioning-diving a disk into logic drive to store data for security/safety ground. award1mk

(ii)Reason of partitioning disk. Accept

-To avoid loss of all data in one drive.

-To provide back up of data to system e.g operating systems stored separately. Award 1mk each




15 marks


(a)(i)Components of satellite.

-Transmitter earth station set uplink to the satellite data.

-Satellite orbit-receiving/amplifies and transmite signals to receiving earth station.

-Receiving earth station-receive sent signals sent from other side. Advantages of satellite.

-Spam large geographical area.

-Support remote areas.

-Medium is flexible without loosing network.

(ii)Mesh topology.

Data terminal equipment. Mesh-common topology used in WAN, they have many paths between different locations.

(b) (i)Advantages of mesh.

-Network operational even if a node breaks down.

-Network is reliable.

-Point to point connections optimizes output of data.

-Easy to trouble short.

-Faster data transmission.

(ii)Example of radio waves. Accept

-HF (high frequency)

-VHF (very high frequency)

-UHF (ultra-high frequency) award 1mk

(c) Reasons for best choice of optical cables.

-Low alternation.

-Very secured untappable interference.

-High band width hence carrying high capacity. Award 1mk

15 marks


(a)Moi- university

-Degree. Kenyatta

-Degree Nairobi

-Masters JKUAT

-Masters Maseno

-Degree Egerton

-Degree Mombasa polytechnic

-Higher Diploma Kisumu polytechnic

-Diploma. Eldoret polytechnic.

-Diploma. Kenya polytechnic

-Higher Diploma.

(b) Job replacement-loss of job.

Job Displacement-change of job but same company.

(c) Higher quality products/services.

Better decision making. Compete effectively.

Timely computations of tasks.

Enjoy benefits of global markets.

Sharing information.

Reduce redun

(d) Bank account records

- property records. Income tax records Medical records Legal records Bio data.

15 marks

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