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English Paper 1


Instructions, directions and recipe

(a) Instructions to be followed by the visitors from Dubai to reach Mustapha’s home

-After disembarking at the Airport/harbour this is how you will find your way to Mustapha’s house which is in Zesta town 75 kilometers from the harbour North West of the country’s Administrative Bureau.

-From the Airport/harbour take a taxi to the bus/matatu station.

-Board the bus/matatu number XPT14 which plies the route 45 (fourty five)

-When you get to this predominantly Islam town ask for Mubai Estate which is in the suburbs of this town.

-Ask for the Boda Boda stage and take a motorbike with riders in yellow jackets which will take you to Jemwa Street.

-Ask for the whole sale Timba yard on your left near Samwa Security firm.

-Five metres ahead adjacent to Jamwaa children’s Home, you will see a blue metallic gate which has “AGAPE” word engraved on the gate.

-Knock on the door number “2” and you will be welcomed. Marking instructions

-The directions given should include some key landmarks which are easily identifiable.

-The language should be brief, concise and clear.

-The itemized directions should have action words per point.

-Give credit on clarity of language.

Set of instructions points 4 marks

Language Accuracy 4 marks and tone TOTAL 8 marks



4 Cups of water

2 cups of maize flour/cornmeal

PROCEDURE 1. Pour water tot a heavy bottomed sufuria or saucepan/ pot and bring to boil.

2. Add a handful of maize flour/cornmeal to the boiling water.

3. Using a flat wooden spoon stir the mixture to form a porridge - like consistency.

4. Continue adding the maize flour a little at a time while pressing to the sides of the saucepan sufuria/pot to remove any lumps.

5. If there are no more lumps, stop stirring and let it cook for about ten minutes.

6. At this point the mixture has become firm. Turn with the wooden spoon again and let it cook for another 3 (three) to 5 (five) minutes.

7. Form the mixture into a round shape by bringing together the dough from the sides of the saucepan to the mixture.

8. If need be the ugali can be cut into smaller chunks.

9. You should allow the ugali to cool down for 2 minutes before you start eating. You can now serve to two. You can eat using your clean hands by pinching amount and using it to scoop vegetables. One can also use a spoon if there is stew or vegetable soup.

Marking instructions

-The type of the dish/meal “ ugali”…… 1 mark

-Ingredients – the sub-heading INGREDIENTS 1 mark TWO ITEMS 2 marks

-Procedure – the sub-heading Method/ procedure1 mark itemized points on how to cook/prepare the meal 3 marks

-Ability of language 3 marks N/B The first two points of procedure must appear.

Dish – 1 mark

Ingredients – 3 marks

Procedure/method – 4 marks

L.A - 3 marks TOTAL - 12 MARKS

20 marks

2. CLOZE TEST (20 Marks)

Fill in the gaps in the following passage with the most appropriate word.

1) about

2) committed/perpetrated

3) nor

4) Terrorists(first “T” must be capitalized)

5) that

6) entire

7) whole

8) members

9) themselves

10) the

(Penalize for wrong punctuation, wrong spelling and wrong alternative).

10 marks

3. POEM (20 Marks)

Read the poem below and answer the questions after it.


(i) died –pride,½ do-too,½ wept-bereft,½ plant-root,½ wing-swing,½ The words must be clearly paired. Discourage use of “/” ½ x 4 = 2 marks max.

(ii) Alliteration½ mark See the smile.(½) or mixed with morning dew?(½) The alliterating sounds must be highlighted. Total 1 mark

(iii) Rising intonation.1 mark. It expressed an unresolved issue(1 mark) Total 2 marks

(iv) Use of facial expressions.(½ mark) Put on a sad or gloomy face to portray½ a sad sombre mood as the mother is mourning the loss of a daughter. ½ iden; ½ ill = 1 mark

(b) /Z/ /S/

i. Reason ½ Girls½

ii. Raise½ piece½

iii. Phase ½ axe½ iv. News ½ base½
v. Boys ½ see½ Total ½ x 10 = 5marks

(c) (i) -Pay attention to all questions asked to avoid responding inappropriately.

-Speak only when asked to.

-Give information that is truthful.

-Speak clearly and concisely to avoid miscommunication or contradiction. -Keep calm, control temper to avoid giving the impression of being guilty. Accept any 3 (points) x 1 (mark) = 3 max.

(ii) -He didn’t pay attention to non-verbal cues e.g gestures, facial expression e.t.c. -Didn’t set a listening objective e.g what answers or information he was seeking to get from the speech. -Abdi did not take notes during the listening therefore he had nothing to refresh his memory.

-He may have allowed other things to distract him.

Accept any 2 points x 1 mark @ =3 total For both

(i) and

(ii), award ½mk for incomplete statements.

(d) Occur protrude Manage develop gargle

(e) (i) -Mr. Kamau greets Mr. Njoroge. 1 mark it is polite to greet people when we enter or they enter a room 1 .mark

-Mr. Njoroge responds to greetings.1 mar It is polite to respond to greetings using somebody’s name to show acknowledgement of that person e.g Good morning Mr. Kamau.1 mark

-Mr. Njoroge thanks Mr. Kamau.1 mark It is polite to say thank somebody when does something for you whether you are senior or junior to him/her e.g Mr. Njoroge (headteacher) thanks the secretary Mr. Kamau.1 mark

-Anne knocks on the door:1 mark It is polite to knock and request permission to enter a room 1 mark

-Mr. Kamau tells Anne: ‘I am sorry’ when she wants to talk to the headteacher: It is polite to apologize when we disappoint people though it is not our fault.1 mark Mark 1:1:1:1 = 4 marks (-No mark for identification without) explanation. -Implied identification scores.

(ii) Anne is polite: - She knocks at the door. 1mark

- She says ‘ May I come in i.e request permission to enter the room. 1 mark
She is rude: - Tells the secretary “ You have heard me’

–Does not state her problem. 1 mark

- Demands to talk to the headteacher.1 mark

- Rudely retorts: ‘busy my foot’ referring to the headteacher.1mark

- Bangs the door behind her and storms out of the room.1 mark Mark 1:1:1:1 = 4 marks

-If three are four cases of rudeness or politeness are given score 2 marks for either.

30 marks

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