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Computer Studies Paper 1

SECTION A (40 Marks)

Answer all the questions in this section

(i) Differentiate between master file and transaction file. (1mk)

Master file contains relatively permanent data while transaction file contain data that frequently change.

(ii) Give two reasons why smaller computers like laptops tend to be more expensive than desktop computers. (2mks)

i. They are portable.

ii. Technology behind it is very expensive.

3 marks


List two disadvantages of using traditional file management method.(3mks)

i. Information takes up much space.

ii. It is not easy to update or modify information.

iii. It is slow in accessing of data.

iv. It is prone to errors.

v. It does not guarantee security.

3 marks


List three sources of graphics that can be used in Microsoft word. (3mks)

-Microsoft clip gallery.


-Import from another file.

-Drawing using drawing tools available in M/s word.

3 marks


Mention two things that are likely to cause eye strains. (2mks)

-Poor lighting of the room.

-Bright monitors.

-Flickering monitors.

-Very bright wall paints that reflects much light.

2 marks


State two reasons why magnetic tapes are not commonly used as computer data storage medium today. (2mks)

-Are slow when retrieving data.

-Do not fully use their recording surface due to inter-record gaps.

2 marks


State three objectives of normalisation. (3mks)

-To relate different tables in a database.

-To ease the retrivial of data from a relational database.

-Breaking up mult-theme table into smaller workable table.

3 marks


State two purpose of the recycle bin. (2mks)

-Contains files and folders that have been deleted.

-Can be used to restore files and folders accidentally deleted from the computer.

2 marks


Give three ways in which operating systems are classified. (3mks)

-Number of users they handle.

-Number of tasks they execute concurrently.

-Human computer interface.

3 marks


(a) Name four data types used in spreadsheets.





(b) List two examples of micro computers. (1mk)




-Personal digital Assistance. (PDA)

2 marks


Outline three precautions one should take when assembling a computer. (2mks)

-Disconnect all devices from the power source before starting to work on them.

-Never work alone because you may need help incase of an emergency.

-Discharge antistatic electricity by wearing an antistatic wrist member

3 marks


. Give three reasons why there are many forms of computer storage devices.(3mks)

-Permanency of storage.

-Cost of implication.

-Capacity of storage systems.

3 marks


(a) Differentiate between kerning and tracking. (2mks)

-Tracking refers to changing the visual denseness or openness of characters in a line.

Kerning is fixing particular pairs of letters that are too close or far from each other.

(b)What is layering as used in D.T.P. (1mk)

It is the placing of texts or objects on top of each other.

3 marks


. (a) ist four tasks that are carried out during systems implementation. (2mks)

-File conversions.

-Staff training.

-Project management.

-Change over strategies.

(b) List four characteristics of a system. (2mks)

-Holistic thinking.

-Purpose. -

System boundaries and environment.


-Inputs and outputs.


-System entropy.

-System control.

4 marks


State and explain the three modes of data communication. (3mks)

i. Simplex communication is only one direction.

ii. Half duplex communication is both directions but one direction at a time.

iii. Full duplex communication occurs in both directions simultaneously.

3 marks


Differentiate between a Hub and a Repeater. (2mks)

A Hub is a component that connects computers on a network and is able to relay signals from one computer to another on the same network.

A Repeater receives from one segment of a network cleans it to remove any distortion, boost it and then sends it to another segment.

2 marks

SECTION B (60 Marks)

Answer question 16 and any other three questions from this section

(a) What would the flowchart generate as output if the value of N at input was i. 6?

Output will be 6. ii. 1? Output will be 1. (b) Write a Pseudocode that does the same thing as the flowchart above.

(c) Modify the flowchart so as to reject an input below O and to avoid the looping when the input is O. (4mks)

2 marks


15 marks


(a) With the aid of a diagram explain star topology.(3mks)

(b) List two advantages and disadvantages of star topology.(4mks)


-Easy to configure.

-Easily expandable.

-If one workstation fails does not affect others.

-Allows centralisation of key networking.


-If the hub fails the entire network will be down.

-Requires more cables to install hence more expensive.

-It is time consuming installing it.

(c) State four functions which are specific to networking operating system.(4mks)

-Promote access to network resources.

-Enables nodes on network to communicate with each other more efficiently.

-Supports interprocess communication.

-Implements network security.

-Respond to request from application programs running on network.

(d) Why is fibre optic becoming the number one choice for local area networks? (4mks)

-It has a much greater bandwidth i.e can carry more data.

-Are less susceptible to interference.

-Are much thinner and lighter hence occupy less space.

-They have high speed of data transmission.

15 marks


(a) What is virtual reality?(2mks)

It refers to a condition in which a person becomes psychologically immersed in an artificial environment generated by a computer.

(b) List three areas where virtual reality is used.(3mks)

(i) Training in areas like medicine, military etc..

(ii) Entertainment.

(iii) Simulation.

(iv) Exploring of landscape.

(v) Crime scene reconstruction.

(c) What is biometric analysis. (2mks)

Refers to the study measurement and analysis of human biological characteristics using a computer system.
Printer Printer

(d) A recent breakthrough in the manufacturing industry is the development of a fuel manufacturing plant that can produce vehicles using robots only. Despite these advances some manufacturers prefer to use human labour.

Give two advantages and two disadvantages of manufacturing industry. (4mks)


-Increase efficiency due to the balancing of workload and production capacity.

-Improve customer service.

-High quality goods are produced.

-Reduces cost production due to efficient utilization of resources.


-High initial cost of setting up an automated system.

-It may lead to unemployment

. (e) What is an expert system. (1mk)

It is a software program that store the knowledge of human expert and are then used as consultant in a particular field.

(f) Explain the three components of an expert system.(3mks)

a) User interface consist of a set of computer programs that link computer expert system and its user.

b) Knowledge Base  it consist of knowledge of an expert stored in rule base knowledge representation.

c) Inference Engine  It is a software that applies the rules from knowledge base to the data provided by the user to draw conclusion.

15 marks


(a) State three reasons why it is difficult to detect and prevent computer crimes.(3mks)

-Crimes are very complex and it will take a long time before anyone discovers it.

-Its difficult to find ideal trail of evidence leading to the guilty party.

-No witness to computer crimes.

-Not many people in the management and law enforcement know enough about technology to help prevent computer crimes.

(b) State three characteristics of a suitable password. (3mks)

-Should be unique.

-Should be easy to remember.

-Should not be too long or too short.

-Should not be obvious.

-Should not give a hint.

(c) What is a spyware. (2mks)

It is a computer that obtains information from a users computer without the users knowledge or consent.

(d) A school intends to setup an e-learning system, list three problems that are likely to be encountered. (3mks)

-Lack of capital.

-Lack of skilled manpower.

-Spread of computer viruses.

-Availability of pornographic materials and literature to students from the internet.

(e) What is a search engine.(1mk)

A special program that collects and stores links to information websites allowing users to search its database for them.

(f) Give two examples of search engines.(1mk)





(g) Differentiate between internet and intranet.(2mks)

-Internet refers to interconnection of many large networks to enable different computers world wide to communicate.

-Intranet is the interconnection of computers within an organisation to form a network.

15 marks

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