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Christian Religious Education Paper 2


(a) Outline Jeremiah’s prophecy about the Messiah. (6 marks)

i. He would rule wisely

. ii. He would advocate justice and righteousness.

iii. Judah will be secure.

iv. Would be called “The Lord is our righteousness.

v. He would be a descendant of David.

vi. He will reign as king.

vii. In His days Judah will be saved. (1 x 6 = 6 marks)

(b) Message of angle Gabriel to Mary.(Luke 1:7:6) (8 marks)

i. She was highly favoured among women.

ii. She will bring forth a son.

iii. He will be called the son of the most high/son of God.

iv. He will be given the throne of his father David.

v. He will reign over the house of Jacob forever.

vi. The kingdom will be everlasting.

vii. The Holy Spirit will come upon her.

viii. The child to be born will be holy.

ix. Elizabeth her cousin had also conceived in her old age.

x. With God, nothing is impossible. (1 x 8 = 8 marks)

(c) Six lessons Christians learn about Jesus from the infancy stories in Luke chapter 1 & 2. (6 marks)

i. He was the son of the most high/ Messiah.

ii. His birth was prophesied by the Old Testament prophesies.

iii. He was going to rule over the house of Jacob forever.

iv. His birth was by the power of the Holy Spirit.

v. He came from a poor/humble background.

vi. He fulfilled God’s promises’ to Abraham.

vii. His work was to serve God his father.

viii. He was full of wisdom.

ix. He would bring light to the Gentiles.

x. He was a descendant of David. (1 x 6 = 6 marks)

20 marks


(a) The curse of the man with a withered hand. Luke 6:6-11. (7 marks)

-On a Sabbath day, Jesus was teaching in the synagogue and there was a man whose right hand was withered.

-The scribes and Pharisees were there to see whether He would heal on the Sabbath so as to find accusation.

-Jesus knew their thought and called the man with withered hand to come out.

-Jesus asked them whether it was lawful to do good and to do harm/to save life or to destroy it.

-He asked the man to stretch his hand.

-Immediately the hand was restored. The scribes and Pharisees were filled with fury.

-They plotted/discussed what they might do to Jesus. (1 x 7 = 7 marks)

(b) Problems that Jesus encountered as a result of performing miracles. (7 marks)

-Confrontation with the Jewish leaders because of healing on Sabbath days.

-He was accused of blasphemy by calling himself the son of God and forgiving sins.

-Some people followed Him because of the miracles.

-His disciples at time misunderstood him.

-Due to His popularity after to the miracles, he faced hindrance to go elsewhere.

-People wanted to make him a king by force/political

-People questioned His authority.

-He was accused of using Beelzebul’s power.

-He was rejected in some places e.g Gerase. (1 x 7 = 7 marks)

(c) Reasons why some church ministers are unpopular. (6 marks)

-Some are lovers of money /wealth.

-They come up with teachings that are contrary to the doctrines of their denominations/churches.

-Their teaching are boring.


-Discrimination based on race, gender.

-Behaviour contrasts the church teaching. (1 x 6 = 6 marks)

20 marks

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