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Chemistry Paper 2


(a) (i) Ethene

(ii) It is insoluble in water.1 2

(b) (i) Polyethene.

(ii) It is non-biodegradablecauses land pollution. 1

(c) (i) Fractional distillation.1

(ii) Alkanes.1 2

(d) (i) Cracking of alkanes.1

(ii) -Bubble each through bromine;(ii) -Bubble each through bromine; C3H8 does not decolourize½ Br2 whileC3H6 decolourizes//½ or 3 -Use acidified potassium manganate (vii);C3H8 does not decolourize.½ while C3H8 does not decolourize½ 2 Br while C3H6 decolourizes//½ or 3 -Use acidified potassium manganate (vii); C3H8 does not decolourize.½ while

C3H6 decolourize.½

12 marks


(a) V,Y and Z. Any 2(½mk each)

They are metals//Have delocalized electrons.1

(b) (i) V,X and Y.

(ii) V and Z .1 2 mentioned award ½ mk

Its B.P is below room temperature/ 250

(ii) W .½.

It is inert

(e) (i) Ionic//Electrovalent.

(ii) Giant atomic//Giant covalent structure

(f) (i) Oxygen..1

(ii) Hydrogen..1

12 marks


(a) The heat change that occur when a given mass of a substance changes from solid to liquid at melting point.1

(b) (i) -Enthalpy of combustion of carbon.1

-Enthalpy of formation of carbon(iv)oxide1


12 marks


(a) (i) -electrolysis of brine.1 Or Cracking of alkanes.

(ii) Fractional distillation of liquid air1

(b) Temperature of C 0450 .1 Pressure of 200 atmosphere.1

(c) Step I-Finely divided Iron.1 Step II- Platinum rhodium catalyst.1

(d) (i) Copper metal.1 (ii) Ammonium Nitrates.1

12 marks


(a) (i) -Gain of electrons or –Decrease in oxidation state.

-Removal of oxygen from a compound

-Chemical addition of hydrogen.

(ii) Apparent charge assigned to an element in compound form, free element or Ion.


(ii) Colour turns from blue to½ colourless. CU2+ ions reduced½ to . Cu

(iii) Electroplating, metals purification, extraction of metals, mft of . NaOH Any one

12 marks



Penalize ½mk for wrong or missing symbols.

12 marks


(i) Solvay process.1

(ii) Sodium carbonate.1

(iii) J=Calcium Carbonate.1

K=Sodium hydrogen carbonate.1

Q=Calcium Oxide.1

(v) -Preparation of aerated drinks1 -Preparation of dry ice.1

(b) (i) Because low temperature make combustion of fuels incomplete.1

(ii) -Melting of Polar-ice caps causing rise in sea level.v1

-Erratic weather patterns.

11 marks

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